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A Perfect Picnic Basket

In tough economic times, old fashioned activities are making a comeback for the low cost fun they offer. Picnics are an example of such an activity and can be great for a romantic interlude or ...

Painting Tips for Geometric Designs

No matter what type of surface you are painting, bold geometric designs can really bring it to life. Painting a child's room in geometric patterns can create a look that is pleasing to the eye and interesting to all who enter. Painting an old table or dresser with bold geometric designs and bright c

Warm Your Cabin With Rustic Bedding

Buying the best rustic bedding is a project that you want to take very seriously because there are many choices and designs available when you are doing a remodel or redesign at your home or business. You might have an inn or bed and breakfast, or you could just want to change things up in your bedr

What Is the California Home Decor Style?

California is many things to many people -- the home to Hollywood and the movie industry, a land of ethnic influences such as Asian and Spanish, the lush luxury of the wine country and the retreat of those who embrace a casual, natural lifestyle. To sum up California decor with any one theme is impo

Ideas for Painting a Teen Girl's Room

Many teen girls desire a transition from child bedroom to teenage bedroom. Teens spend a significant amount of time in their bedrooms so the paint and decor should reflect their personality and style. Ensure your teen's bedroom suits her by letting her help with the selection and...

How to Make a Silicone Lamp

Silicone lamps with light bulbs that have been dipped in silicone create an artistic look, with their signature long tip. You may insert the bulb into the base of your choice to make this look at home, and you can further customize the lamps with color or essential oils into the silicone mixture. Yo

Viso Archie Floor Lamp

The Archie fuses a dreamy, pleasant atmosphere with an air of mystery. It has a magnetic appeal which makes it irresistible. Archie is also exterior ready, making it an illuminating addition to the deck or ...

How to Decorate Kitchens With Columns

Whether they extend from floor to ceiling or provide a distinctive support piece for furniture, columns are eye-catching, lending a stately, high-class appeal to a room. If you're looking to add Grecian or Italian flair to your kitchen or simply aiming to make the room more elegant, columns can tran

How to Restuff a Chair Cushion

A chair can add the perfect touch to nearly any room in your home, and offers a comfortable place to relax and socialize. Most chair cushions are stuffed with high-density foam, which at first is springy and luxurious. After a few years, however, foam break downs and the springiness is gone, leavi

How To Install A Floating Solid Wood Floor

Always start your floor at the main entrance point and work into the furthest corner, this will allow you to have cuts etc hidden, also work boards the full length of the room as it is visually intrusive to run boards the short side of the room, as even in a small room it will look like there are fa

Traditional Window Treatments

Use curtains to decorate a window.window curtains image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comThe window treatments you use in your home can give the finishing touches in a room. Window treatments allow you express your sense of style. Depending on the treatment you use, it can make your room...