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The Law of Abundance - Ways to Bring Happiness Into Your Life

Often we complicate our lives and make the simple things difficult. Everyone wants more happiness in their life, and it can be very easy to do, but people want to make it more difficult than it needs to be. Do you know what makes you happy? Are you doing those things? Do you know what makes those cl

Book Review: Wisdom Of The Gemstone Guardians

Michael Katz' Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians is unique among crystal healing books in many regards. One thing that sets it apart is that it makes no secret of the fact that is practically entirely 'channeled' from spirit entities, the so called 'Gemstone Guardians.'

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

Everything has already been said, but it needs to be repeated continually for each new generation that comes along. I believe I have an obligation to do just that... passing along what I have learned.

The Importance of Fun

Life without fun in it just isn't all that exciting. Yes, we all have responsibilities. Yes, there are things that we need to do, places we need to go, and moments when we need to ...

Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Are Tranquilizers the Best Remedy?

The feeling of anxiety can be hugely distressing, particularly when it lasts for a long time or comes in the form of intense panic attacks. For many, the idea of taking medication for immediate relief is tempting. Tranquilizers are a quick fix, which is what anxiety sufferers desperately want. And a

Seven Tips to Help Beat Holiday Letdown

The holiday season is similar to taking a great vacation - it's a euphoric time that is all too fleeting. With all of that good cheer and goodwill, who wouldn't be sad to see the holidays end? See our 7 steps to beat the after-holiday blues.

Imagination - The Power of Visualization

You have to be constantly reminded to re-focus your thoughts and feeling towards your goals and desires.Whether you simply want a list on the wall next to your bed or you do a full manifestation chart or story board...

Life Coaching - 7 Well-Kept Secrets About Life Coaching

We all want to become successful in life regardless of the endeavor we choose ourselves to get into. The truth is that part of the purpose of our existence is to ultimately achieve success and enjoy life the way we want it to be. Life coaching is one of the best methods that help individuals identif

3 Years to Find, But 7 Years to Love...

A personal topic? Yes. Can people benefit from my story? Yes. As I'm beginning this article, I'm asking myself why I'm sharing such personal information. The reason is simply that people can learn a lot ...

I Challenge the World!

Have you ever met someone that was a little depressed, and as you listened to their story, they kind of brought you down to their level, it's almost as if they zapped your energy out. We all have had friends like this, and eventually sometimes we decide to stay away from them, we'd rather

Excellence Required

There are certain qualities that are required when you are looking for the pastor of a church. What should the qualities of a good pastor be? I would have to say, simply Excellence.The root derivative of the word Excellence is excel.To move forward.A forward motion in which you accomplish with incre

Are Your Limits Set?

You've followed the steps of the SPASMÔÇ× acronym - SORTED (putting like with like), PURGED (concentrating on keeping ONLY the things you love, use and that enhance your life on a regular basis), ASSIGNED homes ...