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Video: How A MIG Welder Works

Video Transcript Hi I'm Mike Rogers and on the principles of mig welding. Lets have a look in the machine itself. The whole idea of mig welder is that you use a wheel of steel wire which is fed by a electric motor through this holes, up to the top, and it is this wire that creates the...

Review: Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season

As a reviewer, I try to make clear when I have a bias, whether positive or negative. I do have something of a negative bias regarding Pirelli. Mostly this comes from years of doing tire repairs and seeing lots of “bubbles” in apparently weak Pirelli sidewalls. I do freely admit that this

How to Fix a Serpentine Belt in a 1998 Malibu

The multi-ribbed, single continuous belt that runs through the Chevy Malibu engine controls various engine accessories, which vary depending on the exact model of Malibu you drive. Along with the crankshaft pulley, the serpentine belt can run the air conditioner and compressor, the alternator, vacuu

How to Remove a Pontiac Solstice Dash

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to remove the dash from your Pontiac Solstice. You may wish to upgrade it to something different or it may become damaged and require replacement. Over time constant sun exposure can cause the material that makes up the dash to expand, causing holes and

How to Remove Door Glass in an S-10

The door glass, or window, in a Chevrolet S-10 truck is supported and held in place by two tracks, a side track and a bottom track. Removing the window isn't difficult; in fact, the hardest part is removing the door panel. Once the panel is off, you can remove the window with ease.

How to Take Off a Wheel Drum

Drum brakes are still used on some modern motorcycles due to their simple yet effective mechanical operation. Unlike a hydraulic disc brake system, servicing a drum brake does not require messy chemicals or complex procedures to ensure the brake operates properly. However, being able to remove a whe

How to Install a Windshield in a Chevy Camaro

You must keep the windshield in your Chevy Camaro in the best possible condition to ensure clear visibility when taking your vehicle out on the road. If any cracks or breaks appear in your windshield, you must have it repaired or replaced. You can save yourself a lot of money by installing the winds

How Do I Know If I Need a New Alternator?

Unlike many other car parts, there is no set mileage at which you need to replace an alternator. It may last for 100,000 miles or more or it may malfunction much sooner. Occasionally, an alternator can be damaged by overheating or a voltage surge in the system. Many other charging or electrical syst

How to Clean the Discharge on a Car Battery

It may just stop you in your tracks. That stuff on the battery in your car. A result of gasses created by a battery with low fluid levels, this white puffy stuff is robbing your battery of enough power to start your vehicle, and it needs to be cleaned. Most homes have the perfect ingredients for cre

Making Your Car Shine

Maintaining that beautiful shine on the surface of your car requires you to properly wash and wax regularly. Following a few simple do it yourself steps to make your life a whole lot easier and get the job done right.