Jesus" Crucifixion Seems Absurd - What"s The Point?

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The One That Rocked the World

He had a greater impact than all the scholars, all the armies and all the world powers put together. The Bible outsells all other books. Jesus is the only prophet that forgave sins, and was foretold for thousands of years. No one else died to forgive our sins. Statues that are worshiped have no life

Will Graham - Using Christian Music to Stock the Pond

Will Graham Interview - 2010 Exclusive Interview with Evangelist Will Graham - Will Graham said, "This may sound crass, but I don't do events to please the church. I do events to see people come to know Christ."

Sawyer Glacier at a Distance

Sawyer Glacier is retreating at a rate of two feet per day. The geologist on board said that recent iceberg activity is the most they've seen in the past five years.

How to Make a God's Eye for Mabon

God's eyes are popular decorations to make in nearly every spiritual path. By using harvest colors like reds, oranges, yellows and browns, you can create one for Mabon to hang in your home or to adorn your altar.

Right Attitude in Praying

Amen! Having a right prayer attitude in our Christian race can not be over-emphasized. Questions have come up in this area: does God really answer prayer. I have been faced with such a question in the times past, when it was really hard on me: I have prayed, fasted, prophesized, tongued but it seems

A Glance at Jochebed (Hebrews 11:23)

Jochebed was the only woman out of all the Israelite mothers in Egypt who got to raise her own infant son.All the other Israelite infant boys were dying on every side, but Jochebed's boy flourished under the protection of Egyptian royalty, the very people who were insisting on the death of ever

A Place To Worship

A place of worship is never just a building - it is a home for those seeking true soul-food to help them make it through their life journey.

Rejecting Rejection

The emotional soil our roots are planted in has a bearing on our entire lives. God designed that we should receive love, care and protection in the family. As a child is born into a family it is totally defenseless, and dependable on the family that surrounds it. It is during the formative years of

The Attractiveness of a Surrendered Life

Have you ever wished you could share your faith with friends or loved ones who do not know Christ, but you don't know how to do so effectively? Or have you ever worried that our culture is sl

Between Saint and Sinner. pt 1.

Between Saint and Sinner. pt 1. Preaching the Gospel is sometimes the most controversial position on Earth. Preaching or Ministering the Gospel is two different things, 1. The Truth of Life and 2. Information. Lets ...

How Watching Pornography Affects Spiritual Health

As the old saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul. When a person decides to watch pornography, to take it in and assimilate it into their mind, deep damage happens on the spiritual level. There may be momentary pleasure, but the long term effects are disastrous.

How to Start a Felon Ministry

Prison ministries are created to provide spiritual guidance to inmates who may already have a relationship with God, and to reach inmates who do not have a religious foundation. Many churches establish prison ministries as part of their outreach services to the local community, but there are also in

What Does it Mean to Be Cautious?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to be cautious means "to be prudently watchful and discreet in the face of danger or risk." It is also defined as the act of surveying all possible consequences before taking any action. There are many reasons and ways to be cautious, whether it's financi

Shawn McDonald - 'Ripen

Ripen is one of the most intimate CDs that I've heard all year. Shawn's lyrics are as raw as they are powerful and everything about this CD is straightforward and from the heart.

Christianity is dead because it made man as God!

Christianity is dead. It suffers its last breath of death. It is undergoing the agony of death.Churches close down everywhere lack of fiddles. Congresses and seminars are very difficult to convene lac

Cross-Cultural Depression Treatment

The practice of cross-cultural depression treatment has many different complexities and requires a certain amount of skill by the professional providing the services. Although there are common qualities of certain cultures, there is also a variety in how individual clients express symptoms. A clinic