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Pondering the Impending Pole Reversal

One day, compasses pointing to the magnetic north will actually direct you south. Sound like science-fiction? Surprising, its not. And its not a product defect either. Scientists across the nation and world have provided startling evidence that we are indeed in the midst of a pole reversal.

Burglary Rates Are Increasing

According to the FBI, burglaries increased 1.3 percent in 2006 compared with 2005. Victims of property crimes lost more than $4 billion in cash and belongings as a result of a burglary.Unfortunately, many of those burglaries happened at someone's home. The FBI estimates that every 15 seconds, a

Italy Lights Candles For Slain Filipinos

Though miles away from the Philippines, Italy held a candle lighting ceremony to honor those who were killed in Maguindanao province. Keep the fire burning in the quest for justice.

I Know Pepper Spray Is Effective But Is It Safe?

I think by now everyone understands that pepper spray is effective but one question I am constantly asked is ‘is it safe?’ That question is not so easily answered but I will try to do so here.

Intellectual Property Law Firm

An intellectual property law firm has attorneys with several years of experience protecting the rights of artists, designers, engineers, and business developers. This law firm helps those who create new ideas prevent others from taking advantage of their work without paying the inventor or creator.

Solar Power Cost

Each person’s situation is a quite different. Your solar power cost system ought to be customized for your lifestyle and is dependent in your electric usage, exposure to the sun as well as your available roof or ground space.

How to Clear Your Waste Responsibly

Waste Clearance services in London plays an important role in clear your waste from home or industry. It is okay that there are Waste clearance London contractors, but your responsibility does not end

Controversy Over Healthcare Reform Lawsuit Lawyer

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has received a lot of attention for spearheading a class action lawsuit against healthcare reform. His choice for the prosecuting lawyer is raising some eyebrows

Carless in Los Angeles: Alternative Paths to CicLAvia and Beyond

On 10/10/10, Los Angeles banned cars from 7.5 miles of roadway through the center of Los Angeles for CicLAvia. The LA Times piece covers the details of the day. This post is a slice of LA's alternative transportation experience that I sampled before and during the event. It profiles the inspiri


It has misleaded not only the common populace but over and above the new age bands and the big political authorities of the world. It has not only made swiftness to clash the West with the Muslim worl

A Brief History of Magazines

Magazines have been around for many years. Of course, they began in a typical fashion, as simply words that were written down to attract customers. The actual history of the magazine can be traced bac

Labour Ruins the National Health Service

The Labour Government is no longer trusted with the National Health Service (NHS) because the public believe that it has wasted money. A recent poll has shown that only one in five voters have seen any improvement in the National Health Service despite a doubling of budgets, it just goes to show tha


A meaningful interaction between both sexes would promote an ambient environment,where men and women find themselves as friends,brother or sister,by closely adhering to the principles of morality and