How to Shrink a Photo File Size

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The Thoughts of a Children's Portrait Photographer

If you have children of your own then you probably already know that this aspect of portrait photography can be incredibly rewarding. There are so many wonderful expressions and poses to capture but it's also an area of photography that demands patience and understanding of your subject in buck

How to Critique Photos

A descriptive and honest photo critique can help a photographer improve his craft. You do not need to be a photography expert to give a sound evaluation. A major part of the process is personal opinion. If a photographer asks you to give a critique, do not be overwhelmed or feel as though you need t

The Top 5 Tips For Finding an Outstanding Headshot Photographer

The shots posted on photographers' websites are most likely their best ones.If you were a casting director, would the photos grab your attention?If you admire a photographer's work and think that their photos stand out, it's a good bet that they'd be able to take the kinds of hea

A Trip to the Mall

One day while walking thru the mall I came across an art gallery, it featured the work of a Landscape photographer and I have to tell you I was very impressed! I walked around the gallery for just a few seconds when one of their sales reps approached me and started telling me about the artist and al

Making Cash With Your Digital Camera

The new internet business of Selling stock photography is a great money making opportunity for you anyone who is interested in taking digital photos. This whole new ideal will put freelance photography on the map and virtually anybody can do this.

How to Hire the Best Wedding Photographer in Glasgow

Glasgow is the perfect location for a beautiful wedding. It is the largest city in Scotland and it is situated in the western lowlands on the River Clyde. The glasgow wedding photographer can be chose

Camera Bags: What Do You Need?

A camera can be a huge investment, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the level of photography that you will be involved in. Because the camera is such an investment, you need to ensure that you protect it as well as possible when it is not in use. Camera bags are better tha

How to Stop Taking Blurry Photos

There is nothing more frustrating than putting your photos on the computer after an important event and finding that they are all blurry. Sometimes it is a fluke that a photo turns out blurry and ...

Canon Underwater Camera Housing Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Have you ever considered taking your digital camera for a little undersea adventure?If your both a diver and an avid photographer, then I'm sure you have.Chances are you've done more then think about it, you've likely already taken the plunge.

Resizing Pictures Taken With Your Digital Camera - Why?

If you simply store pictures obtained from a digital camera as a thumbnail, without using an online image resizer, and send them to friends, family members, or colleagues, the recipient may not be able to download and see your pictures at the other end. This is because these thumbnails take too much

Importance of Pictures in Creative Work!

Nowadays the world has ended up so occupied that individuals don't have time for the vast majority of the things. We are continually racing to keep with gatherings, customers, presentations, due dates, companions and partners. ...

Video on a DSLR

Video on a dslr is a great debate amongst photographers. Some love it and some don't want to know it. So how is this going to effect the future for photographers. Read on and find out how.

How to Showcase Your Work With a Portfolio Website

It showcases and advances your work and services online. It portrays the individual work, creativity and style. Your photography website is the only solution which can take you and your work to the next step.

How to Take a Photo Showing Extended Motion

Capturing an object's movements in a photo can transform a regular image into a work of art. The effect of capturing motion with a camera is called "motion blur" and is often used in sports photography. You can create the effect using either a digital or analog camera that allows you to set the shut

What You Should Know About Buying Photography Equipment

Whether you are a professional photographer or a novice looking into taking up photography as a hobby, buying photography equipment is usually a major expense. Because of this, there are some things that you will want to make sure you know and things that you will want to think about before you make