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Retirement Rules for Spouses

Your spouse may be eligible to receive retirement benefits from your retirement plan. Whether your spouse is eligible for retirement benefits from you or not depends on the type of retirement plan you have, and the employer's retirement payments options. Some plans offer pension payments, which you'

Top Printers for College Students

College students often have their own printers that let them print out papers and assignments without going to the computer lab on campus. A good printer for a college student is affordable, compact and gets the job done efficiently. There are a number of printers available as of 2011 that meet thes

Four Less-Known Facts of Home Loans

Buying a house means making your dream come true where you spend hours and days looking for a suitable property, checking backgrounds and finally scouting for the best deal on a home loan (unless you ...

Time to Retire…or Just Rethink?

Baby Boomers are often referred to as "the lump in the snake" when describing their effect on the economy. And right now, that lump is nearing retirement, taking with it an enormous amount of experience, ...

What Is a FICO Score & What Is It Used For?

A FICO score is the most common type of credit score, and it is used by potential lenders, employers, landlords, insurers and others. The score is arrived at by weighting several different facets of your credit history.

What Happens If You Can't Pay Back Student Loans?

Student loans can come from a variety of sources, and unless you fall under a student loan forgiveness program or repayment program in exchange for service, you are generally expected to pay them back. If you do not pay back your loans, you will endanger your credit score, your ability to take out a

About WFG Couple Billy and Kristi Sorensen

A recent article about WFG couple Billy and Kristi Sorensen shows just how important community is to these partners in marriage, parenthood and business. This sense of community is a common denominator among many World ...

What Is a Mortgage Checking Account?

In a traditional mortgage, the lender creates and holds a mortgage account that holds all the debt the lender is owed. A borrower makes a payment from income, often writing a check or sending an electronic payment from a debit or credit card. This payment reduces the amount of debt in the mortgage a

What Are the Services of the Bank?

An indispensable tool for individuals and businesses alike, banks provide a secure place to store and access funds and they also issue loans to those who need money to start their own businesses, pay down debts, or finance much-needed maintenance to their homes. The backbone of any country's economy

The Average Monthly Salary of Accountants in North Dakota

Accountants are involved in a wide range of a business' activities including investments, payroll, purchases and bookkeeping; they are often in charge of keeping a company in the black or profitable. Accountants are also employed by private citizens especially during tax season to complete their tax

Does the Length of Employment Determine the Length of Collecting Unemployment?

Anyone recently laid off or fired from a job might wonder if they're eligible for unemployment compensation, and if so, for how long. Understanding how unemployment works and knowing the factors that play a role in benefits can help you assess how much you'll receive and the length of benefits.

How Much Does a Computer Scientist Get Paid?

Computers are powerful calculating machines that increase productivity in many industries like business, education, medicine and manufacturing. Computer scientists create new computer technologies to solve computing problems or improve upon existing technology. Computer scientists are integral to th

How to Redo My Mortgage

Home loan financing can be an overwhelming business, particularly if you are not a savvy consumer. However, with a small amount of research you can gain a huge (and much-needed) financial education. If you are stuck with a disadvantageous mortgage loan, it is most likely in your best interest to ref

R&D Tax Credit Limitations

For many companies, research and development of new products can be extremely costly but may also yield significant profits, depending on the success of the research and development efforts. Many new products also have significant positive externalities for society and the economy as a whole. For th

Low-Income Help in the State of Vermont

A substantial amount of low-income families are not receiving benefits. According to a 2005 publication by the nonpartisan Urban Institute, only 5 percent of all low-income families with a full-time, full-year worker receive temporary assistance via needy families benefits. Vermont has a number of l

IRA Distribution Methods

To take out money from your IRA, you need to choose the right distribution method.TAX TIME image by brelsbil from Fotolia.comAn individual retirement account helps individuals save for retirement and provides tax advantages. Part of your IRA contributions, or sometimes entire...

How to Ask My Bank for My History of IRA Contributions

An Individual Retirement Account allows investors to leverage several tax benefits to save for retirement or other select purposes permitted by the IRS, such as funding higher education or first-time home buyer expenses. Your bank or other financial institution keeps a record of all activity that ta

How Does Equifax Obtain its Information?

Equifax is one of three national credit bureaus that control almost all consumer credit reporting in the U.S. It obtains much of its information from you and your lenders. The other major credit agencies also operate this way. Sometimes, the location of Equifax's headquarters leads to it obtaining l