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Things to Do While Driving Between Christchurch and Dunedin New Zealand

Once you have had a look around Christchurch you could set out on your South Island adventure by driving south to Dunedin. This drive is a good way to get used to New Zealand roads and driving, with lots of interesting and historic small towns on the way with some great stops.

Top Attractions in Thailand – Must Visit

Thailand is one of the most fascinating countries in South East Asia. It is brimming with fascinating attractions, lush green surrounding, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, pristine beaches dotted by the swaying coconut trees, magnificent ...

Best Beaches of Italy - Good for Wedding and Honeymoon

Italy is one of the best seaside wedding destinations; with so many beaches it may be hard to pick one. After all, every one of them is incredibly beautiful thanks to lovely coastlines and natural ...

History of The Hyderabad City

The Hyderabad city, the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has a prolonged history beginning from the time of King Ashoka in third century B.C. Following the decline of Mauryan Empire,

Best Reasons to Enjoy Cheap Summer Holidays in Turkey

Turkey is a vast and varied country that boasts some of the most incredible landscapes and natural wonders bordered by four different seas. Today tourism in Turkey is largely focused on a diverse variety of archaeological sites along with the seaside world-class resorts located near its Aegean and M

Sharjah Hotels - Known for the Unmatched Services!

Visiting Sharjah is always going to be a pleasant experience considering the fact that this emirate has designated as the cultural capital of UAE by the United Nations itself. Along with its charms and attractions, the fantastic and unparalleled services of Sharjah hotels will simply captivate you.

Monteverde, Costa Rica - Eco-Tourism's Hotspot

It was an unexpected rise in tourism, about 100,000 visitors a year since 1998, but only recently has steady flow of tourism graced the shores of Costa Rica.At its present state, the country's tourism, its eco-tourism, is a $1.9 billion a year earner and is projected to draw in nearly 2 million

How to Plan a Riga Stag

Well if you are looking for the perfect stag weekend, Riga could be the destination for you. Riga, the capital of Latvia has many attractive places and activities to do and would be the best ...

Life in the Comox Valley

Vancouver Island is rated by Conde Nast as one of the top North American islands. the Comox Valley is located about one half way up this magnificent island. Come for a visit and see why so many people

An overview of Lancashire as a walking destination

Many have heard of the Lake District, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales national parks in North England as they are popular international tourist destinations. But nestled in between these more well k

Whales and Whale-Watching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's a whale watcher's dream. In fact, there are 29 different species in its tropical waters, ranging from the mighty Blue Whale---the largest animal the world has ever seen---to a recently discovered fresh water porpoise, the Tucuxi---previously thought to exist only in the Amazon

Attend The Best Gospel This Tuesday In Harlem

In Christianity one of the most widely celebrated themes is the gospel. Ironically, many different gospel literature messages are available in printed form, broadcasted on the television, internet, pr

Apartments in California

California is a place that offers a lot of options when it comes to apartments. If you are looking for a place where there is diverse culture, lots of entertainment and convenient places to live in, better start looking into the various apartments in California.