Three Ways to Reduce Household Hazardous Waste

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Difference in Persian & Oriental Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are frequently referenced interchangeably. Often they're perceived to be one and the same. However, there's a huge difference between the two terms. The distinction lies in the locations where the rugs are hand-crafted. Persian rugs are classified as Oriental rugs, but are

How to Make Biodegradable Soap for Camping

Making soap is as old as the hills, and there are just about as many soap recipes as soap makers. One thing all soap recipes have in common, however, is a basic set of steps and ingredients which, taken together, produce the chemical reaction known as saponification. As the American Heritage Diction

How do I Care for FrankeUSA Granite Sinks?

FrankeUSA carries a variety of granite sinks available in dozens of color choices. The granite is a man-made blend of natural stone and resin, creating an attractive finish, while making the granite more affordable than marble or other expensive stones. Since you are investing in an expensive additi

How to Remove Glue From Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a composite material made of glass fibers in polymer resin mix. Uses of fiberglass include surfboards, kayaks, automobiles and boats. Decals and stickers are often applied to the surface of such fiberglass surfaces to add decoration and personalization. Stickers and decals leave behind

How to Clean a Yellow Shower

You might think that because you use a shower every day to get clean that the shower would automatically stay clean. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Soap scum, hard water, shampoo and conditioner all lead to a buildup of dirt and grime. Add in mildew in a damp environment and cleaning a colored

How to Repair the Scratches on a Whirlpool Microwave Handle

The exteriors of microwave ovens are made of plastic. To repair a scratch in the handle of a Whirlpool microwave oven, you must even out the surface area of the plastic to remove the scratch. You'll need supplies from a hardware store along with supplies and tools commonly found in most households.

How to Remove Chewing Gum From Cotton

Schools and some workplaces often ban the use of chewing gum because of its tendency to stick to objects once it has been chewed and improperly discarded. Unfortunately, cotton fabric is one such surface to which sticky gum adheres well. Once the gum sticks to clothing, it becomes difficult to entir

How to Remove Oxidation on Hunter Boots

The whitish “oxidation” you occasionally see on your Hunter boots is actually a process known as “blooming.” It is when wax injected into the rubber compound during the vulcanization process appears on the surface under certain conditions. The wax appears on the boot as white

Propane Gas Grills Information

Propane gas grills offer a quick, convenient grilling method without the mess and hassle of charcoal grills. The propane tanks that fuel such grills remain a very stable fire source but require care in use to avoid safety hazards. Proper care and maintenance enhance the grilling experience and lead

How to Get a Massive Amount of Nail Polish Out of Carpet

If you’ve spilled an entire bottle of nail polish on your carpet, you’ll need to work quickly and thoroughly to completely remove the stain. If there was quite a lot of nail polish, and you aren’t able to remove the stain as soon as possible, you might need to consult a professiona

How to Clean Film From Dishes

Nothing can tarnish the esthetics of dishes like an ugly white film. Areas with hard water are prone to this problem, especially when a dishwasher is used. Film is the result of calcium and magnesium in the water being heated and cooled. This eventually dries on the dishes leaving a chalky, white re

How to Remove Latex Adhesive

Latex adhesives are most commonly used to glue carpet, tile, and vinyl to a floor. Flooring materials need to be removed by blunt force prior to removing the adhesive. You can remove latex adhesive with a latex adhesive remover. Latex adhesive hardens upon drying, but the latex remover works to sof

Household Hints for Lemon Juice

Lemons can do so much more than just make lemonade. The juice, which is high in citric acid, provides a natural cleanser useful in numerous applications around the house. The next time you squeeze lemons, save the rinds with the residual juice and save some money on commercial cleansers as you tackl

How to Remove a Dead Iris Flower

Removing the flowers from a plant is known as deadheading. Deadheading a plant improves its appearance while preventing the plant from developing seed pods and prolonging the growing season. For a plant such as the iris, which may produce several flowers on a single stalk, deadheading will encoura

How to Clean Textured Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are known for their durability, longevity and aesthetic appeal. They are available in many different textures, patterns and designs to accommodate individual preferences and various home decor. Textured ceramic tiles require frequent cleaning to remove accumulated grime, debris and bui

About Irobot Vacuums

The iRobot vacuum pioneered robotic vacuuming technology. Through several generations of technology, the basic style remains the same.

How to Clean Out Your Closet and Let Go

I'm not a pack rat. In fact, I have the need to obsessively purge unnecessary items. Mostly everything in my closet is something high-quality, something I love or a classic piece that I will use forever. If you are the opposite-here are some ways to "let go."

How to Fix a Windowsill Leak

Windows are integral to energy efficiency and climate control in your home. Even a small windowsill leak reduces your home's heat retention and can lead to indoor water damage. Prevent this from happening to your home by immediately repairing the source of the windowsill leak. The likely culprit is

How to Clean a Stain on a Wolf Stainless Cooktop

Wolf cooktops are available in glass tops or in stainless steel with gas burners. These stainless steel cooktops aren't too difficult to clean if spills are quickly caught. However, old spills or burnt-on spills will adhere to the surface and need something other than a mild cleanser to remove. The

Brick Mold Cleaning

Mold is a common fungus that grows on nearly everything. Most individuals will find themselves combating mold at one point or another, and one of the most common surfaces it shows up on is exterior brick. Knowing how to safely remove the fungus from brick will help the exterior of your home last in