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How to Remove the Grill on a Nautilus Bath Fan

Broan manufacturers a wide line of bathroom exhaust fans, including the Nautilus series. The bath fan extracts moist air and steam from the bathroom to help prevent mold and mildew. Over time, your bath fan requires cleaning to keep the unit running efficiently. You must remove the grill on a Nautil

How to Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are not only elegant they're functional. In a kitchen, recessed lights can provide great task lighting above a counter top or the sink, but they can also provide ambient or background lighting in living or dining rooms or can even be used to provide highlights on a painting or a uniq

Choosing Between a Heat Pump and Central Air

If you live in an area of the country that has extremely hot temperatures on a regular basis, you probably find yourself relying on your air conditioning or heat pump throughout the entire year.People in places like Arizona, Nevada, California and Hawaii to name a few probably wouldn't know wha

Some Bad News and Good News About Your House - What You Can Do

Chances are that the crawl-space/foundation wall of your house doesn't have enough vents, therefore, provides inadequate ventilation for your crawl-space. This can lead to wood decay resulting from abnormally high moisture in your crawl-space.

What Are the Benefits of a Halogen Oven?

One of the newest technologies in cookware is the halogen oven. Because it is so new, there are many misconceptions about it and lots of people don't quite understand how it works or why it may be better than a conventional oven. Cooking is quite a delicate art.

How to Use the Deni Freshlock Food Vacuum Sealer

The Deni Freshlock Food Vacuum Sealer is a user-friendly sealer that first removes the air from its plastic storage bags and then seals the end with an internal sealing wire. The machine can be used to freeze and preserve foods, pack lunches and keep leftovers fresh. According to the Deni user manua

Concrete & Waterproofing Solutions

A leaky foundation can be very dangerous. Not only will it damage furnishings, carpets and the non-load bearing parts of your walls, but in the long-term, it can significantly weaken your foundation. Every concrete foundation should be waterproofed correctly.

My Dryer Vent Hose Is Leaking Water

Leaking water from a dryer vent hose, also known as a dryer vent pipe, occurs when condensation accumulates either inside or outside the vent pipe. When the vent pipe gets too cold and the dryer is producing hot air, condensation forms, converts to liquid and a leak occurs. Keeping the dryer vent pi

Tappan Microwave Troubleshooting

Microwave ovens are integral to most kitchens and office cooking areas, so if you experience technical problems it may mean finding another way of cooking your food. Troubleshooting your Tappan microwave oven eliminates common problems without calling for professional assistance, saving you time, mo

How to Take Apart & Clean Toasters

Removing crumbs and other food particles periodically from your toaster extends the life of the toaster and prevents food from burning. Over time, your toaster may take longer to cook toast and other items or may burn items even when set at a lower temperature. Although you may need to eventually re

How to Shut a Ceiling Vent on on AC Unit

Supply air vents are found in every home with a forced air heating and cooling system. They are either in the floor, the wall or the ceiling. Ceiling vents are common when the HVAC unit is in an attic space above the ceiling. Sometimes it may become necessary to shut the ceiling vent from your air c

How to Start a Switch Plate Business

If you're artistic and crafty, you can start your own switch plate business from home. The required supplies are relatively inexpensive and are small enough to store in the average home. Just follow these tips to start your own switch place business.

Juicing Plan Implementation for Optimal Health

Implementing a juicing plan is the path some people take to radiant health, an energetic life and optimal health performance. As many people know, heating foods result in the loss of valuable nutrients and micronutrients present in fresh fruits and vegetables. Cooking as well as some processes alter

Hot Water Heater Temperature & Bacteria

Certain bacteria, especially sulfate-reducing bacteria, sometimes colonize water heaters and cause water quality problems. Raising the temperature on the hot water heater reduces the chances that bacteria may colonize, but setting the temperature high enough to destroy the bacteria also creates the

How do I Plumb in a Maytag Dishwasher?

A Maytag dishwasher is no different than any other brand when it comes to hooking up the plumbing. A dishwasher has two parts to the plumbing: the water supply and the drain. Both parts can be installed with the correct tools. Hooking up the plumbing for a Maytag dishwasher should take an hour or le

Why Choose a Flat Plate Heat Exchanger?

A flat plate heat exchanger is one of the many types of devices used to transfer heat from one medium to another. This device is composed of multiple, thin, slightly separated plates having large surface areas and fluid passages that efficiently moves heat.

How to Troubleshoot a Lennox Elite Furnace G26

The G26 is a series of Elite-model furnaces manufactured by Lennox. These furnaces provide heat throughout the home and are controlled by a thermostat panel. The G26 is a large furnace that contains many internal components, which all need to be in working order. There are a few basic problems that

Whirling Noise in My GE GSH22SGRESS Refrigerator

Whirling or whirring noises are common in General Electric refrigerators and the GSH22SGRESS is no exception. The parts that create the noise are integral to the cooling function of the appliance, and though they may at times be slightly irritating or disconcerting they are often completely normal.

How to Defrost an Old Small Chest Freezer

Old small chest freezers usually do not have a built-in self-defrost. This means you must manually defrost the freezer chest at least once per year. If you allow excessive frost to build up inside the freezer you not only reduce the amount of usable space, you allow the frost to build up on essentia