How to Convert VBA SAVs to SA1s

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How to Mount Your Tweeters at an Angle

Tweeters are stereo component parts that produce the upper register of audio frequencies. Generally used with woofers, tweeters are commonly used in the modified sound systems of automobiles. When you are using tweeters in your car, you must mount them to guarantee that they can be heard and won't s

How to Make Homemade Inventions & Toys

To inspire a young scientist, help him to create and design creative science projects at home. Not only are do-it-yourself inventions fun to play with, but they also can be educational and provide a hands on learning experience for your little ones. Demonstrate to your child how tornadoes and other

How to Spray Tamiya Paint on a Model

Tamiya manufactures both acrylic and enamel paints for painting scale models such as model aircraft, cars, tanks and other vehicles. These are available in a wide range of colors. Model makers can apply these paints either using brushes or by spraying them on. While brush painting is best for fine d

How to Make Duct Tape Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are summer's favorite shoe! There's no need to spend money on yours though. Make your own shoes out of duct tape, and you're sure to get everyone talking. They're stylish and affordable, plus you can personalize them to make them your very own.

How to Install Marine Battery Isolators

A battery isolator is intended to provide power from a single alternator to charge two or more batteries. It also protects each battery from draining the other. The isolator is a one way path through a circuit. A system designed for marine use must also endure moist environments and still work flawl

The Origin of Magnets

Today we know a great deal about magnets. We know materials such as cobalt, nickel, iron and steel can be magnetized and that the Earth is actually a magnet with North and South poles. However, before this information was discovered, magnets were surrounded by superstition.

How to Check the Original Paint on a Farmall Super M

Though over 57,000 were produced in the early 1950s, the Farmall Super M tractor is hard to come by today. During the Super M's production period, improvements like live hydraulics and torque amplifier transmission were added. Yet regardless of technological improvements, International Harvester (IH

Developing Skills on the Wood Lathe

Working with a wood lathe can be fun, especially when attaining a high degree of skill and efficiency. To gain this expertise, practice wood-lathing techniques with the set of tools you hope to master.

What Causes Electric Energy?

Electrical energy plays a significant role in our everyday lives. When we plug in, electrical energy is created by a change in a magnetic field within the power grid. This change causes electrons to flow and bring energy with them.

Habitat of Escargots

In France, escargots served with butter and garlic are a culinary delicacy. In the English language, escargots are more commonly called "snails." Snails are soft-bodied creatures that live in hard shells. They live in a variety of different habitats in various parts of the world.

Facts About Houseflies

The housefly is constantly around humans. Perhaps this is why they so often go unexamined. On close inspection, though, they are fascinating creatures. Their relationship with humans is not harmonious, however. They often make our food sources their own, and they are potential transmitters of diseas

Types of Optical Sensors

For decades, optical sensors have been finding their way into an increasing number of applications. The development of semiconductors in the 1940s and '50s led to lower-cost, compact and efficient light-sensing devices. Photodetectors were used in camera light meters, street lights and traffic count

How to: Rustic Twig Crafts

Rustic and country style décors often call for natural elements as decoration. Though handmade items can be expensive to purchase, they're relatively cheap and simple to make yourself. The twigs are free; all you have to do is choose strong pieces that will last. After that, your imagination

How do I Install an Out Table on a Bosch Table Saw?

Bosch is a power tool manufacturer that makes a variety of tools for woodworking. In addition to miter saws, sanders, routers and other tools, the company has a line of portable table saws. These table saws are equipped with a collapsible, wheeled base that allows the table saw to be easily moved ar

How to Calculate Distance Based on Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is the product of an object's mass, or weight, and its velocity. If you throw a ping-pong ball across the room, for example, you exert a force on the ping-pong ball that accelerates the ping-pong ball. This force becomes the kinetic energy of the flying ping-pong ball. Physicists writ

Is Silly String Biodegradable?

Silly String has long been a mainstay of children's birthday parties and celebrations. Silly String comes in a can that is filled with liquid plastic that is under pressure. When the button is engaged, the liquid comes out of the can in a small stream and hardens mid-air. This leaves long strings

How to Make Figures With Modeling Clay

In the age of technology, we often forget how much fun that simple, hands-on crafts can be for children and adults alike. Modeling clay, which comes in every color of the rainbow, is a great tool to expand your imagination, your spacial ability and your artistic creativity. Making figures with model

How to Build Wooden Kitchen Trash Cans

A trash can in the kitchen is an essential item, but isn’t always an attractive addition to the décor. By knowing how to build wooden kitchen trash cans, you can make a receptacle that hides your garbage while adding a stylish touch to the kitchen. Once the trash can is made, you can sta

How to Convert Cubic Meters to Square Feet

A cubic meter is the unit of volume defined in the International System of Units (SI). A square foot is the unit of area used in United State and some other countries. Apparently the direct conversion between volume and area is not possible until you add the third dimension to the unit of area. Cons