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The Quickest Way to Thaw a Filet Mignon

You're getting ready to cook delicious filet mignon for dinner when you realize it is still in the freezer. Yikes. Don't just abandon your plans and order takeout; you can thaw filet mignon and other cuts of steak both quickly and safely, without ruining the meat. Filet mignon should thaw in 30 minu

Stocking Your Pantry

It is important to know why you should have a stocked pantry. Look at what ingredients take to stock your pantry.

Is Blueberry Sorbet On Your Shopping List Yet?

Blueberry sorbet could become your fast favorite. This unique blend of flavor and ice creates the perfect way to cool down. It also creates a very strong flavor that some people simply love. This type ...

Video: How to Make an Awesome Smoothie With Oranges, Bananas, & Yogurt

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Sara Vance with Rebalanced Life. Our blender gets a workout pretty much every day. I'm going to show you one of our favorite super food smoothies. So one of my kids favorite smoothies that I've made up is the orange dream smoothie. It's kind of like an...

Garlic in Your Food for Health

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant, health promoting, and disease preventing food. Garlic has also been successful as a natural defense against cancer. The good news is; making it a daily eating habit is easy.

Exotic Sweets and Their Specialties

Top confectioners nowadays are concentrating on making exotic sweets. These include special sweets for diabetics and weight watchers.

Different Types of White Wine

Lovers of white wine can easily find a favorite to suit their tastes. Created from white grapes, white wines range from very dry to quite sweet and have a wide variety of notes and flavors. White wines are made from vineyards in several countries throughout the world. Factors, such as climate and ri

Red Lobsters Recipes To Cook At Home

Red Lobster is obviously known for the amazing seafood it prepares. One thing that they suggest when you are trying to cook fish at home is to prepare it in a parchment bag. They say ...

Simple Ways to Remove Egg Yolk

Many recipes call for egg whites, without the yolk. If you've never separated and egg yolk from the whites before, it may seem like a conundrum as to how to get these two parts of the egg apart. Many simple ways exist to remove the yolk and leave the white intact, most of which don't require a great

How to Store Seven Minute Frosting

Seven minute frosting is a catch-all name for any homemade icing that takes a short time to compose. The ingredients generally include combinations of sugar, vanilla extract, corn syrup, egg whites or cream of tartar and used to create a sweet topping for cookies and cakes. Seven minute frosting is

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Coffee

Brewing coffee at home is easy. All you have to do is put in the correct number of scoops into the coffeemaker, add water, then press a button. Sometimes it is a little more complicated that this, and sometimes it is even easier (instant stuff - nasty!

How to Cook With Papain

Papain is a powerful enzyme prized for its meat-tenderizing qualities. Sold in powder form, it can be added to a marinating liquid according to the instructions on the container. However, by marinating with papaya, the fruit that makes the papain enzyme, your dish absorbs the fruit's flavor as well

3 Ideas For Buying A High Quality Stand Mixer

Picking an excellent stand mixer could really require time, knowledge, patience, and know how as you'll find a lot of them you are able to select in the market place right now. In fact, counting on luck isn't quite recommended as there's a big chance that you may well wind up throwing

How Online Store Is the Best Place For Grocery Shopping

With the advent of ecommerce, the shopping equations have transformed completely from tiring and time-consuming visits to concrete stores to easy click and go shopping while stretching on the couch sipping coffee. From dresses to ...