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Growing Roses - Spring Questions About Pruning and Sunlight

Now that most of the Northern Hemisphere has defrosted it is time to start waking up the Rose Beds or ready for new Roses!First, pruning roses in the spring; Pruning is basically the act of getting rid of dead and damaged pieces, and teaching the new growth to grow in the correct outward facing dire

Most Misconceptions About Synthetic Grass

Though the modern synthetic grass industry has expanded and has begun to be adopted by many households, businesses, and parks, there are still many misconceptions that people hold. It is thus important to expose such misinformation and instead give accurate facts to consumers and the public. Uncover

The Various Qualities of Thermal Label Printers

Though both Barcode printer and Thermal label printers are used to print tags, they are quite different from each other in their mechanics.The Bar code printers are mainly found in various industrial areas as they ...

Rock Garden Shrubs

Rock gardens provide a tranquil landscaping feature for your yard. Typically, rock gardens will feature ground-cover plants and shrubs around the outer edges and build up to taller shrubs near the middle. This progression in height can add striking visual appeal to any property.

How to Harvest Tulsi

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is a highly revered plant in Hindu culture, where it is also known as Holy Basil or the Queen of Herbs, and a home garden is considered incomplete if it does not include tulsi. Tulsi is an important herb in Ayurvedic medicine and is used to restore balance, reduce stress and

How to Attach a Pump to a Rain Barrel

Conserving water is important for many homeowners. Whether you live in a desert, rural town or a high-density urban area, installing a rain barrel is both an eco- and budget-friendly solution to your watering needs. However, if your garden is more than a few feet from your rain barrel, watering is p

Could You Get Cigarette Beetles In Your Home?

Have you heard of Cigarette beetles. Cigar beetles, or Tobacco beetles. These are all names for the same little annoying little creature - Lasioderma serricorne - and no matter what you call it, it spells ...

Sun-Loving Plants for Southern Gardens

The brilliant orange trumpet creeper vine does well in the heat.trumpet vine image by dwags from Fotolia.comGardens in the southern United States are sometimes difficult to maintain due to intense summer heat and sunlight. However, a variety of sun-loving plants are capable of thriving...

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter draws in and the days of relaxing in the sunshine on your beautifully manicured lawn are a distant memory, replaced by the sight of wet, cold and soggy grass and leaves and the nagging thought

Indoor Vegetable Gardening - Knowing What You're Growing and Eating

It may sound like a good alternative for homeowners with large outdoor areas. But what if you have got limited garden space? Well, you do not have to worry about that because you can choose indoor vegetable gardening. In fact, you will enjoy several advantages with growing vegetables indoors.

What Plants Can Use Fish Scales as Fertilizer?

People have used fish parts for thousands of years to fertilize heads isolated image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comEvery part of the fish is an effective fertilizer, providing necessary nutrients to plants. Fish fertilizer exists in two forms: liquid emulsion or home...

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers - Petrol, Electric Or Rechargeable?

Many gardeners these days have a veritable "arsenal" of tools at their disposal and over recent years, long reach hedge trimmers have become very popular and fit into that category of "why didn't any one think of that before". Prior to their development, gardeners would spen

4 Orchids to Buy

When it comes to which orchids to buy, I'd like you to concentrate on the ones that will do the best for you as a customer. I will focus on four that I believe will be the most successful for you as a new orchid grower.

Reasons For Using Mulch in a Garden

Mulch is a material made from other garden materials that is then laid across the surface of the soil. This material can help the soil underneath to retain moisture and also if the right one is used can improve the condition of it as well. Below we explain some more about mulch, Wilmington gardeners

How Does Compost Help Mums?

Chrysanthemums, often called "mums," are bright, daisylike flowers that are easy to grow and bloom in spring or, more often, in fall. Mums come in a wide range of colors and their biggest requirements are sun and moderate water. Compost is a recycled matter made up of organic plant and sometimes ani

Which Plant Support?

What plant support is best for my needs? Depending upon your taste in flowers and plants if you are a keen gardener then it is likely that you will at some point decide that your garden will benefit from a good plant support or two! All gardens suffer from general wear and tear with regards to the f

Grow The Best Organic Raised Garden Beds

If sustainability and organic raised garden beds are appealing to you, leave a portion of the property you own undeveloped to give wildlife a place to thrive. As the natural wildlife begins to flouris