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Pop the Question to Him

Do you know that the man in your life is the one? Are you perfect for each other and ready to take the next step? You might want to take the initiative and ask the man to marry you. When you cannot wait another day to join your life to his, start planning your proposal so you can be the one to pop t

Arrange a Wedding in Foreign Countries (2)

Nowadays, many young people like to have their wedding in foreign countries. Going to a certain country and experiencing the local conditions and customs will definitely add freshness and pleasure for your romantic journey of wedding. Today, I will recommend you several wonderful places for having r

Preparing the Food at Your Bridal Shower

Creating your friend's bridal shower may be frustrating especially if you are a bit confused on what to serve for the event. It is necessary that you prepare the bridal shower, but it is still ...

Important Things About Wedding and Wedding Planner

Couples are made in the heaven above and through marriage; the soul mates can spend their whole life with each other. Wedding or marriage is a way only through which a couple can make their ...

Live Bands For Weddings - What Are the Disadvantages of Using an Agent?

When booking a live band for a wedding (or other event) a short cut that can have its advantages it to use the services of an Entertainments Agency - see my previous article for more info.However there are some disadvantages too - in this article I'll look at the disadvantages.

How to Host a Tactful Halloween Dinner Party

Many adults enjoy the creepiness of Halloween. For some, just a suggestion of creepiness without the garish costumes and screaming candy bowls is more fun. A dinner party is the perfect adult event for Halloween. A tactful Halloween dinner party allows adults to enjoy Halloween in a calm, creepy, no

Get The Perfect Wedding Flowers And Colors

This article focuses on choosing the colors and flowers for your Orange County wedding. When choosing your Orange County wedding flowers you may want to consider that colors have meaning and will effect the mood of your wedding day. In the same vein, you may prefer special wedding flowers and colors

Anniversary Gifts for 19 Years

Celebrate a nineteenth wedding anniversary with a gift of bronze, aquamarine or almandine garnet.anniversary rose with baby"s breath image by Gramper from Fotolia.comThe 19th wedding anniversary is sometimes overlooked because it falls so close to the 20-year milestone. Each wedding...

Tips On The Best Man's Toast

If you have been choosen to be the best man at someone's wedding, you have probably started thinking about what you will say. Read here for some tips.

How to Find the Best Wedding Venues in Delhi

Wedding venues have to be special as a wedding is a life changing experience and one would love to have them in a great place, along with a great ambience and decorations that contribute towards a per

Appropriate Gifts for a Bridal Shower

Lingerie may be appropriate for a lingerie-themed shower, but not so much for a kitchen-themed shower.lingerie image by Albert Lozano from <a href=''></a>The appropriateness of a bridal shower gift is dependent upon a number of elements....

Italian Restaurants in Independence, Missouri

Independence, Missouri, has great Italian restaurants.Italian food image by bkaiser from Fotolia.comIndependence, Missouri, is located just east of Kansas City, less than 10 miles away. The city features many different historical landmarks and walking trails. In addition, Independence has...

Uncommon Wedding Ceremony Music Choices

If your vision is to have a ceremony that's anything but a cliche, then consider your music selections, and what you really want your choices to express. The following options may be a little left of centre, but can sometimes create just the right atmosphere and emotion that you're after.

Love and Heart Themed Wedding Favors

One of the most popular wedding favors are the love and heart themed favors, for obvious reasons. Weddings are one of the most difficult to plan events in a person's life, because they are so personal and at the same time there are so many details and meticulous pieces that need to be carefully

Finding The Honey In Honeymoon Lingerie

Imagine the scene:Your bedroom is illuminated with the smoldering glow of a hundred scented candles, you have soft music playing in the background, and the champagne is chilling.Feeling luxuriously languid in your silk negligee, you lounge against the bedroom door, caressing the door jamb like it&ap

Tips On Handling The Wedding Gift Table

When you’re planning a wedding, you don’t want to forget the gift table. Not only will this be covered with your presents and money gifts, but it will also be out in the open. And although you don’t want to think that anything could happen, you might want to put a few precautions i

How to Buy Wedding Decorations

There are many factors involved in buying your wedding decorations. Weddings can be several different themes and use different colors. These are important factors in buying the decorations. In ancient times, ceremonies of the wealthy people were extravagant and involved the entire village. These cer

Are You Paying Your Photographer Too Much?

Why would you spend thousands of dollars for someone to snap photos of you wedding? Well, you wouldn't! If you just want to make sure you get a couple of photos taken during your wedding for a couple hundred dollars, then have your guests take some photos and give them to you after the wedding.

Country Girl and Cowboy Wedding Themes

Not your usual traditional bride? If your idea of a wedding is a great time for everyone to enjoy, then why don't you think about having a country style wedding theme?Take your inspiration from cowboys, cowgirls and American ranches!