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Cartman's J-Lo

Picture of Cartman and his Jennifer Lopez in the Fat Butt and Pancake Head episode of South Park.

Video On Site

A study has found that by having video on your webpage you are likely to increase your conversion rate from surfers to sales.A study released by Treepodia has sighted a test they did where 2 e-commerce retailers saw large increases in conversions once they placed video on their site. The interesting

Les Memoirs!

Let me tell you a story. This is a movie that I watched recently. The one who made this movie made it after he met some people in his life who were almost in the similar situation. This story is not just a creation or a mere illusion. It is only a painting of nothing but the reality of life. It was

How to Enjoy Your Satellite TV Experience to the Fullest

Satellite TV isn't just about buying the most expensive package you can get your hands on, though that definitely doesn't hurt. On the contrary, having the right setup is key when it comes to enjoying ...

The Most Popular Decepticons

One of the things that has ensured the Transformers' popularity since they were first on television in the eighties is the characters. One of the other things is the fact that they transform from robots to vehicles but that's another story. It is common for writers to focus on a great good

The Jetsons (DVD) Review

If the Flintstones are the modern stone-age family, then the Jetsons are the quintessential post-modern futuristic family, complete with flying cars...

Dish Tv Pay-Per-View

Pay-per-view has made people crazy. This innovative concept allows a people to ask the satellite TV service provider for their favorite content, so that they can watch it from the comfort of their liv

Movie Review: Welcome to the Riley's (2010)

A common name doesn't make a family in the 2010 hit Welcome to the Riley's. Doug Riley see's something more that just a 16-year old runaway stripper in Kristen's Stewart's character strategically known by many different names (e.g. Mallory, Allison, etc.) After losing his ow

MNIK Chases 3 Idiots - Charisma of Shahrukh Vs Perfection of Aamir

The comparisons are obvious in the film industry even if the concerned movies are remotely attached. So, the comparison between My Name Is Khan and Three Idiots should not surprise us, more so there is a healthy competition among lead actors of the two films. Read More...

Big Loser Recap - The Fear Factor Episode

The episode of The Biggest Loser was full of action. There were workouts, tears, yelling and much more as the latest contestants on the Biggest Loser started a new episode.

How to Analyze a Film

Seeing a film is a good experience that you can do to make yourself more enjoyable and relaxing. In seeing a movie, it is better for you to analyze it so you can understand well about the story. Besides, better understanding will help in enjoying your movie so you can increase your interest in analy

Traveling Around the World With Satellite TV

Whether you've had wanderlust since the day you were born or you're simply excited about new places but have never been, it can be difficult to scratch that travel itch, especially in a world where ...

10 Tips For Actors Auditioning For A Role

One of the most difficult parts of acting is the audition process. This is a list I put together of some things to keep in mind once you've booked an audition.