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How to Use a Singstar Microphone on PC

The Singstar microphone is a microphone input set that allows you to use a regular mic on your home computer or laptop. The set includes the Singstar microphone plus a universal audio plug to USB converter. The converter allows you to divert the input capabilities form the mic into a default device

Canon Digital Camera Accessories Are Really Cool !

What are Canon digital camera accessories? Well Canon is amongst the best of the lot. They are a company that has always been in the lead. They have amalgamated intelligent imaging with advanced techn

Choose Best Metal Body Smartphone

If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone, why not go for a sturdy smartphone. Here are the top five reasons for selecting a metal body smartphone in India.

How to Set Up Jabra Headset

Jabra Bluetooth headsets can be paired with a mobile device to enable hands-free communication. A Bluetooth headset can be used to answer phone calls wirelessly, and is considered a safer way to talk on a mobile phone while driving or engaged in other activities. Jabra manufactures a variety of head

How to Explain High Definition

Although most people are familiar with concepts like "screen resolution" and "definition," those who have not made the leap to HD television sets may find the technology a little different. HD TV sets look a lot different than standard TVs of the past, and when you are tasked with explaining what, e

How to Use a DSLR Camera

While it appears more complicated than your digital point-and-shoot camera, digital SLR cameras offer many advantages once you learn their options. They allow you to choose from different exposure modes or use them manually, while providing superior focusing ability. DSLRs vary in complexity, but le

Facebook secretly working to integrate Hashtags

Facebook has strong competitors in this market, both Twitter and LinkedIn is doing aggressive content marketing and the Fliboard is a constant threat with a 50 million users.

How to Put Games on My Samsung P2

The Samsung P2 is a digital media player designed by Samsung. In addition to playing songs and videos, users of the P2 are also capable of playing a number of popular video game titles. These games do not come pre-installed on the P2--you have to download them yourself. Many of these games will cost

Nintendo Wii U Will Soon Be Launched

The iPhone 5 isn't the sole device that's amassing significant preorders, preorders of Nintendo's cutting edge Wii U unit are currently out of stock at on the internet retailers throughout the U.S.A. The Wii U ...

How to Change Verizon TV Options

Your Verizon FiOS television receiver allows you to change some viewing options. The basic set-up options available include the screen size (widescreen/fullscreen) and audio output options. However, you can also activate options such as different color schemes, widgets and on-screen caller ID (if yo

The Advantages of Using Digital Cameras

If you dread taking rolls of film to the photo lab, with hopes of having just a few good frames turn out, make the leap to digital photography. Using its handy features like a preview LCD screen and on-screen crop guides, you'll rarely crop off someone's head in a photo again. Digital technology has

How to Test Guitar Amp Capacitors

Guitar amplifiers magnify an incoming sound signal through speakers. Capacitors level the incoming electricity to reduce variance and enable high voltage discharge greater than the incoming electrical feed. Guitar amp capacitors charge by storing electrical energy on two plates separated by an insul

Preservation of Valuable VHS Tapes

The video home system that is VHS was one of the most ruling technologies of the 1970s. It played a major role on to the film industries and other media lines. But slowly with time ...

Digital Cameras and Problems in Cold Climate

Most digital cameras are designed to work in temperatures as low as the freezing mark and will perform just as well in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold weather does add new challenges for digital photographers. Not only are they wearing bulky clothing and battling cold hands, feet and

How to Record a Ringtone Onto a Cell Phone

Along with downloading custom ringtones and assigning them to individual contacts, you can also use your cellphone to record your own ringtones. With the phone's microphone, you can record yourself or someone else speaking, a song that is playing, or any other sound you want. Once you record the sou

Harman Kardon AVR-147 Home Theater Receiver - Rear View with Accessories

The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday is the annual pilgrimage that officially begins the Christmas and Winter Holiday Shopping Season. For a look at my own Black Friday Shopping experience, check out the following article and photo gallery (2007 Edition).