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Windows XP Media Center Edition Troubleshooting

Windows XP Media Center Edition is not a separate operating system from Windows XP; it is just Windows XP with some extra features grafted onto it. Like all the other versions of XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition has some problems and has been in use for a long time, so effective troubleshooting i

How do I Install a New DVD on a Computer?

DVD players are disc drives that allow you to play a DVD on your computer. DVD players are installed in one of the drive slots inside the computer case. You install a DVD player, you must open the computer case and insert the drive inside the computer. Windows automatically detects and installs driv

How to Install 3D Pinball in Microsoft Windows XP

Who could resist the addictive game play of pinball. The flashing lights and the crazy noises and the mysteriously overwhelming desire to top your last high score. 3D Pinball for Windows brought pinball to the home computer and pinball fanatics rejoiced.

How to Stop Vista Activation

Windows Vista typically requires activation to fully utilize the product, requiring you to register your version of Vista with Microsoft to ensure you own a legitimate copy of the operating system. Circumventing this is possible by disabling the activation services embedded in the operating system,

How to Increase the Volume of a MP3

An MP3 file that plays too softly can disturb the flow of a solid MP3 playlist. Amplifying your MP3 file to match the levels of your other MP3s can end the frustration of having to turn the volume up on your MP3 player when softer songs play. And with the help of some free online software, accomplis

How to Get Task Manager Back on Windows 2000

The Windows 2000 Task Manager provides users with a troubleshooting tool to view memory use and processor performance. The Task Manager is an internal application, and it requires a few keyboard shortcuts to access it. Some users are unaware of where to recover the Task Manager if it is closed or do

How to Safely Uninstall Junk Programs From a Toshiba Laptop

Uninstall any junk programs from your Toshiba laptop to clear up space on your hard drive. Unfortunately many computer manufacturers include software programs preinstalled to their computers that many users do not need. Use the Windows uninstall utility to safely remove the programs from your comput

How to Increase Virtual Memory Usage

The virtual memory is a disk space reserved on a computer hard drive that may be used as the extension of the random access memory (RAM). Windows operating system utilizes the virtual memory storage if running applications exceed the physical size of RAM. The increase of the virtual memory usage is

How to Speed Up Startup Time in XP

The startup process is a feature that can save you time if you access certain files or programs every time you turn on your computer. While convenient, having too many programs can drastically slow down your startup time as the operating system tries to load numerous programs at once. Remove unneces

How to Convert a Laptop to a Touchscreen

Adding touchscreen capabilities to your laptop can add a whole level of accessibility and potential application to your machine. Touchscreen-equipped computers can be especially useful for users with special needs who may have difficulty handling a mouse or touchpad with the required dexterity. They

How to Update XP Drivers, SATA Support and AHCI

Windows XP uses device driver software to facilitate the various hardware components utilized within the computer system. One set of drivers that are of particular importance in system functionality and disk access performance are the SATA and AHCI support drivers. These drivers may be updated via t

How to Make NVIDIA Hotkeys in Windows 7

Windows computer users can quickly launch favorite applications and computer features by setting a keyboard hotkey to open the program. Pressing the hotkey at the same time as the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys instantly opens the program so that you don't have to open it through the Start menu or from the d

How to Fix an XP Logon Loop

When you experience a looping or constantly repeating login screen on your computer with the Windows XP operating system, preventing Windows XP from fully loading, use tools native to XP to effect a fix. Restoration tools may be used to eliminate the loop.

How to Fix Random Scrollbar Movement

Resolving scrollbar issues only requires editing a few system and browser settings. Scrollbars enhance your ability to navigate Web browsers, applications and programs. They can be long, short, horizontal or vertical. Problems might arise with your scrollbar due to missing or corrupt files and incor

How to Change Startup Programs in Windows

Whenever you start the computer, reboot, or log on to your windows computer, there are a few programs that also immediately start. A variety of installers automatically add programs to this list. In some cases the program makes it easy to remove unwanted startup programs from the list. In other case

How to Reset a Password on an Acer 5610

The Acer 5610 is part of the company's Aspire series of computer laptops. Factory installed with a Windows operating system, the 5610 has a 15.4-inch display and at least an 80 GB hard drive. Hard drive size is a variable option when ordering the laptop. From time to time, you may want to reset your

How do I Fix Runtime Errors to Install Scansoft Paperport?

Runtime errors are caused by having out of date or missing system files. This can impede the installation of Scansoft Paperport. Fix your runtime errors by updating the system files with the Windows Update software. This software comes standard on all Windows computers, and will update your files to

How Do I Open a Kensington Combination Notebook Lock?

Since its founding in 1981, Kensington Computer Products Group has produced a wide variety of portable computer and electronics accessories and security solutions. People around the world use Kensington notebook locks to protect notebooks against theft. Kensington combination notebook locks secure n

How to Send an Email Through Command Line

Email is sent to a recipient using a protocol called simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). This protocol runs on servers throughout the Internet and on servers within a private network. You can use a command line and telnet session to send mail from one of these servers. Some servers require a passw