How to Install a Video Card with Microsoft Windows Vista

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How to Correct the Sound Driver for a GX270

The Dell Optiplex GX270 is a desktop computer that was designed to run the Windows XP Professional operating system. If you're having problems with the drivers on your GX270, you can perform a Windows Update to the system to get the right drivers on the computer and get it back to working order. Per

MSI G31M-F Motherboard Specifications

The MSI G31M-F brand motherboard represents a starting point for building a complete desktop computer. The motherboard uses the LGA775 processor socket and can accommodate a wide range of processors manufactured by Intel. The motherboard also uses a traditional industry standard Micro ATX...

Going Digital, Sounding Great

Looking to etch a voice in your memory for eternity? Digital voice recorders do just that and more. Earlier the domain of secretaries and outside the perimeters of a layman's affordability, analogue recorders were used before the advent of most digital equipment and had many limitations which h

Why a NTP GPS Server?

NTP GPS server is a time server that uses the protocol NTP (Network Time Protocol) receives its authoritative time source from the GPS satellite network (Global Positioning System).Other varieties of time server exist most if not all dedicated devices use NTP as it is universally excepted as the mos

How to Network Two Macintosh Computers

Macintosh computers have always been easy to network together. Before the wireless revolution, Macintosh computers could be networked with a simple Ethernet cord and a hub or a cross cable. Nowadays wireless networking is much easier. You can network two Macintosh computers together in your home or

How to Add a Hard Drive With XP to a Computer With Vista

Windows Vista is one of the more recent operating systems from Microsoft. It is larger than all of the Windows operating systems from Microsoft that proceeded it but it has more built in applications and support. Windows XP was the operating system that directly preceded Vista. You can take a hard d

How to Mount a Dryer Receptacle on a Foundation Wall

Proper installation of a dryer receptacle begins with attaching it securely to a wall. Installing a dryer receptacle to a foundation wall requires using a surface mount plug because most foundation walls are solid. The most common method of installation is to attach it using concrete fasteners or an

How to Clean Personal Information off a Computer

Hitting the "delete" button on a PC does not magically make the junk file disappear completely. The erased program must be overwritten repeatedly by several more novel installations to avoid chances of recovery by professional hackers. Aside from furiously driving a sledgehammer through the hard dri

How to Reset the Wireless Security Password for a Linksys Router

Each Linksys wireless router comes with a configuration console where you control each of the router's settings. One important setting is the wireless password. This password is required before a user can connect to the router. The password protects your network from strangers connecting to the netw

How to Allow People on to My Contacts

Using the Windows operating system's native "Contacts" tool, you can allow other users on your computer or home network to have access to all of your contact files. Once shared, others can make changes or additions to the information contained in these files to ensure you have the most accurate info

How Digital Posters Are Made

Digital posters are now becoming the fastest growing display items. The term digital is familiar to everyone. The digital posters are broadcast using a digital signage consisting of a large plasma or LCD display. The ...

Instant Mobility with Small Laptop Computers

Are you about to make your first technological buy? If a laptop is the first thing in order, then you may want to consider small laptop computers. Guaranteed for quick access, mobility and versatility, these ...

Epson Ink – Refill Your Cartridge For Maximum Savings

Even as you use a high quality printer like Epson, there are many possibilities of saving money on the ink being used. While quality is of great importance, so is affordability. Refilling can save you ...

Why Do Macs Cost More Than PCs?

One of the primary complaints about Macintosh computers is they are too expensive. When PC computers can be so affordable, why does one brand cost so much more than most of the others?

How to Open a Print Spooler

When you send a job to your printer, the print spooler keeps track of that job and makes sure it is serviced properly. If the startup properties of the print spooler are not set correctly, the print spooler will not start, and those jobs will not be serviced. If you send a job to your printer and re

How to Print on Color Wonder Paper

Color Wonder paper by Crayloa is a specially designed paper that produces color when used with Color Wonder markers. These markers actually produce no ink, but when the child-safe chemical in the markers reacts with the chemical on the paper, the markers' colors appear. The markers don't work on any

How to Build an All-in-One PC

To put together a computer that will function as an all-around pc, you will need several important parts; a motherboard, processor (CPU), hard drive, disc drive, graphic card, power supply, case and operating system (OS). Printers, monitors, keyboards and mice come later. There are thousands of dif

How to Replace Motherboard on HP Pavilion A210n

Your HP Pavilion A210n contains an 845GL chip-set motherboard. To continue using the computer's CD for operating-system installation, you must upgrade it with a motherboard containing the same chip set. If you don't mind losing the ability to use your system disk, you can use practically any motherb

You Do Then Human Body I Mean Obviously

You do then human body I mean obviously a lot of you looking think it's kind of strange with you doing in our but those are the people who don't know much about it you ...

How to Fix a Dell Keyboard Number Pad That Doesn't Work

When using a Dell keyboard, sometimes a problem may exist that knocks out the use of the number pad. This could be an error that results from old keyboard drivers, or perhaps a simple connection issue. In the case of a Dell laptop keyboard, additional factors may exist that require keyboard disassem