How to File a State of Mississippi Tax Return Only

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How to Find Out Taxes in a City

City taxes, sometimes referred to as local or municipal taxes, are levied by governments to pay for the day-to-day operations and services you take advantage of as a citizen. These taxes pay for schools, garbage pickup and law enforcement, just to name a few services. Differences abound on the types

Self-Employment Tax Withholding Requirements

Self-employed workers make estimated tax worker image by from Fotolia.comSelf-employed workers pay federal and state income taxes by making estimated tax payments. The self-employed pay self-employment tax in addition to income tax. Self-employment tax...

About Capital Gains

Investors and homeowners are all too familiar with the hows and whys of capital gains. Understanding how capital gains affect your overall tax burden means fewer surprises at tax time--and less frustration. Here we will cover what qualifies as a capital gain under United States tax code guidelines,

Do Recipients of a Gift Tax Exemption Owe Income Tax on What They Received?

Congress generally frowns upon attempts to transfer large amounts of wealth without paying some sort of tax on the transfer. For this reason, Congress has set up a series of laws limiting the amounts one taxpayer can transfer to another via death -- which is subject to potential estate taxes -- and

Where in Minnesota Can I Donate a Car?

If you live in Minnesota and have a car you no longer use, you may be wondering what to do with it. The idea of hauling it to a dealership may seem like more trouble than its worth, and often it is. Donating the car to a charity is one good option, and many charities would be glad to receive it.

Tax filing Ozone Park Your Tax Direct or Indirect

Type of Tax let one identify how the Tax Filing New York will be taken care of .Direct Tax are a must for the Tax payer but somehow Indirect Taxes can be avoided if any alternatives are known .This is

Report on Federal Funding for Private Contractors' Employee Retiree Benefits

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report in June 2011 that delineated the government funded retiree benefits for private contractors' employees hired by the government. Various departments of the federal government have been paying for Healthcare and pensions for these emplo

The Average Income for a Marine

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service calculate Marine Corps base pay using years of service and rank. An enlisted grade four Marine with over two years of service makes less than an enlisted grade four Marine with over three years of service. In addition to base pay, Marines also receive addit

How to Look Up Tax Return Information From a Previous Year

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides free transcripts of your past tax return information. If you need a transcript, you can order by phone or mail from the IRS. You can get either a tax return transcript or a tax account transcript. A tax return transcript shows the majority of line items as

How to Pay Taxes on a Mobile Home

Property taxes, which include mobile home taxes, are assessed by your municipality and are based on the value of the mobile home. A county or municipal assessor places a value on the home and should notify you annually of any change in the valuation. Some municipalities require two payments per year

Why Do You Pre File Form 2290 And Pay HVUT?

Every time you are driving the heavy vehicle on the public highway, the weight of the truck brings in wear and tear to the highway. That is when the concept of heavy vehicle used tax ...

How to Get a Business ID

A lot of time, energy and effort goes into opening a new business and one of the items most imperative to add to your to-do list is applying for a business ID, or a federal employer identification number (FEIN). The Internal Revenue Service uses EINs to identify businesses in the same way Social Sec

Tips About IRS Tax Form 1099-MISC

If you are self employed, Form 1099-MISC is of vital importance to you. If you receive a form quoting wrong details or if you do not receive the format all, what to do? Don't panic. Here is some help for you.

About the Recent Court Ruling Against IRS Oversight of Tax Preparers

For the past couple of years the IRS has taken steps to implement an oversight process designed to ensure the competency of tax practitioners to assure greater accuracy in the preparation of individual tax returns. The IRS based its authority to implement the program on a law enacted in 1884 that al

Tax Relief - Vehicle Donation

You may not be aware of the fact that by donating your vehicle to a charity organization, you can claim tax relief under itemized deductions. Is it possible that the fair market worth of my donated automobile will be deducted from the tax I have to pay in a year? The answer to your question is No, s

What Is A Tax Return?

A tax return is a prominent part of taxation for most Americans. For those who don't own property and don't have much income beyond a typical job, it may be the only element of their ...

If I File the Previous Year's Taxes Will the IRS Stop Garnishment?

If you owe a tax debt to the IRS and do not arrange a payment plan and make payments toward your debt, the IRS can seize your property to pay for the debt. This includes seizing your house, car or other property, or garnishing your wages, bank account, retirement account or other account. If the IRS

Tax Deductions When Taking a Loss on the Sale of a Home

Putting your home on the market at a time when there's more supply than demand may require you to accept a price that's less than your original cost. When this occurs, the IRS allows you to use that capital loss to offset current and future capital gains. In addition, a tax deduction is available fo

What Is the Effect of Marriage on Taxes?

Marriage is one of the most important financial commitments that you can make in life. Marriage introduces significant tax ramifications, beginning with your new joint income as a couple. While summing up your total income, it is critical that you also understand how to calculate what is actually ta

Corporate Income Tax Strategy

Considering the substantial amount of federal income tax liabilities borne by corporations based in the U.S., strategic tax planning initiatives can significantly improve the bottom line. One type of approach that may perhaps generate the greatest tax savings for U.S. corporate taxpayers would be to