Three Ways To Get Hold of Credit Card Debt

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Secrets on Free Credit Report

Have you ever wondered how loaning companies, banks, and even other huge investors make up their decision whether if they would decline your application or approve it? That's right. These establishments take a look at your credit score which is indicated in your credit report.

How Bad Credit Can Affect Your Mortgage Interest Rate

We are in one of the worst economic downturns in a couple generations.Not only is the stock market down big time, and the unemployment rate is approaching 10%, but people are losing their homes left and right.I wanted to take a look at just how bad a foreclosure can hurt your future chances of getti

Restore Your Sanity Back to Health When Your Credit is Restored

Your credit score has far reaching tentacles in every area of your life.It's no wonder that it's also tied to your sanity.Low credit score in the poor to fair range results in low sanity.High credit score in the good to excellent range results in a high level of sanity.Get some tips to use

Credit Reporting Agencies Can Affect Your Life

It can either be considered as being very trusting or being outright foolish if you will lend someone a large sum of money to someone you didn't know without doing some kind of background check on that individual first. That in effect is what banks and lending institutions do when you apply for

Put Your Credit Card Away and Get Your Free Credit Report

It's pretty safe to say that by now almost everybody in America that even remotely pays an interest to their credit knows that they're entitled to a credit report report every year from each of the three credit bureaus. That law was voted in 2005, to protect the consumers and give them the

6 Signs That You've Gotten M.A.D. (Money Anxiety Disorder)

The American Psychological Association conducted a survey in late 2008 and found that 80% of the people who responded said that the financial crisis was causing them a significant amount of stress. Anxiety over money ...

I Have No Credit Scores - How Do I Establish Credit Scores?

If you have no credit scores due to being new to the credit arena or you have just been a cash person all your life there is hope for you. There is one sure way to get the credit score calculated in about 4 to 5 months. In this article I will talk about how to establish good credit scores for a heal

Some basic facts about educational loans

A ray of hope is seen with the availability of educational loans from various banks, which can fund an individual's higher education. As these loans are not one of the 'mainstream' loans such as home ...

Do Credit Bureaus Enable Extortion Schemes?

In an article written by Cathy Moran, a California Bankruptcy Lawyer, the term €extortion€ is again used. In her article, €Doesn't this seem like extortion,€ she talks about the June 2006 American Association of Retired ...

Credit Repair Companies Provide

Let us be crystal clear, right at the start. Paying someone to "fix" your credit is a waste of your time and money, since the issues that are quickly removed from your report will only ...

More People in Debt - More Need For Credit Counseling

It is so easy today to obtain credit. The offers are everywhere. And commercialism today makes us feel like we have to have everything right now. With the temptation to spend and the ability to buy now pay later it is not surprising that so many people are in debt and are seeking debt counseling.

Credit Card Relief - How to Qualify For a Credit Card Debt Settlement

If you are in debt and you can afford to pay it back, I am sure that you are looking for debt relief option. Credit card debt is one of the most common unsecured debts; this is due to the fact that consumers have the tendency to spend over their limit and then realize they can pay it back. The high

Benefits From Having a Credit Card

Credit cards, or plastic money, are the most popular mode of payment today. Most of us didn't probably realize how quickly that small piece of plastic took its place in our world (and our wallet). So what is it that makes credit cards so indispensable for all and sundry? Let's examine a fe

Is the Estate Responsible for Deceased Property Taxes?

When a person dies, an estate opens to settle his financial affairs and pay his debts. An estate is directly responsible for payment of any debts owed by the deceased, which may include payment of property tax. Whether the estate is responsible for payment of property tax depends on the title of the

Getting Help With Credit Card Debt Through A Counseling Service

The buzzwords heard most in this decade are credit card debt. There are very few American consumers who have not been effected by the economic downturn, and very few who don't have a share in the $2 trillion of consumer credit card debt. This is an astounding amount of money, and even more so w

How Long Is It for Debts to Be Removed From a Credit Report?

Debt information that is positive can remain on credit reports indefinitely. A borrower who never misses a payment on an active credit card may see the account remain on the credit report for more than a decade. Most people want good credit history to remain on their credit report because it boosts

Credit - Dividends and What to Do About Them

If your policy is issued by a mutual company or as a special policy by a stock company, you will receive annual dividends. You have several choices in their use. Which one you select is of importance in your estate picture.