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How to Seal Henna Candles

Painting artwork onto a plain candle brings it from boring to beautiful. Henna designs add a rich, dark accent. To keep the henna in place, protect it from dust and make it smudge resistant, you can seal the candle after you have decorated it. There are two main ways to seal henna decorated candles;

How to Re-Sew a Zipper With Broken Threads

If the threads break on a zipper, you can usually re-sew the zipper as long as the zipper coil and fabric tape are in good condition. A sewing machine with a zipper foot can help top-stitch the placket for a conventional or separating zipper. The small amount of thread needed should match the origin

How to Make a Sand Hourglass With Plastic Drink Bottles

Children of just about any age can make their own hourglass out of plastic bottles and sand. It is a fun craft that is often used as a science project for elementary-age students. Hourglasses can help children understand the concept of time and how it can be recorded.

Types of Collectible State Spoons

Spoon-collecting fans have a myriad of choices when adding symbols of the 50 states to a collection. Collectible state spoons come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Prices can range from $5 to $30 for the varying types of collectible state spoons. Spoons can be added to a collection by visit

How to Tie a Two Loop Bow

Perhaps you are tying a bow for a craft or a present. Whatever the reason, tying a two loop bow can be done in a few short steps.

Heritage Scrapbook Ideas

Each family has its own history, style, stories and traditions. A heritage scrapbook can be a beautiful, vital and creative resource for preserving the facts and figures about the people who have gone before you. The job of family historian is a big one. Involve the entire family in your quest for

How to Build Homemade Instruments for Kids

Building instruments for kids can be a fun project for adults and children alike. By participating in the building process, kids learn about such concepts as the production of sound, tone, pitch, rhythm and instrument properties and families. Decorating the instruments once they're constructed is an

How to Make a Raggedy Doll

The very mention of rag dolls may make you think of primitive dolls made of scrap cloth that were cherished by pioneer girls, or it may make you think of your mother's own Raggedy Ann doll. This type of doll is actually quite simple to make if you make pancake dolls. These dolls use a simple pattern

Cuff Bracelet Instructions

Cuff bracelets are generally larger than your typical beaded bracelet, and therefore they are a bolder fashion statement. This makes them popular with punk rockers, bikers and similar crowds. Make your own cuff bracelets to add a more adventurous statement to your outfits without spending a bundle o

Central Illinois Native American Crafts

A dreamcatcher is only one of the crafts made by the Native Americans.dreamcatcher image by Fotocie from Fotolia.comNative Americans were prominent in Illinois. In fact, the name of the state itself is from the Miami word "Iliniwek," which is also the name of the state university's...

How to Make an Origami Hut

Origami art can be an entertaining way of spending quality time with those you love. Making the necessary folds to produce origami figurines and art pieces can be a tricky proposition; however, making a simple origami hut is easy to do with little time or fuss. Fortunately, you can quickly and easil

How to Make a Quilt Back

One of the aspects of a quilt which is often forgotten is the simple process of making the quilt back. While most attention is rightfully paid to the front of the quilt, without a backing the quilt would go unfinished. Though there are 108-inch wide "backing" fabrics sold in quilt shops these days w

Mola Applique Technique

Kuna tribeswomen living in Columbia and Panama use mola applique to create intricate textile designs that feature brightly color fabrics and bold geometric images. Mola applique is a form of reverse applique that incorporates three or more layers of fabric. You don't have to be a Kuna woman to desig

How to Make Paper Lanterns With Christmas Lights

Make paper lanterns for your Christmas lights and transform them into festive light strings to decorate your home. You can use the paper lantern lights for any special occasion or just for a fun alternate lighting idea. Paper lanterns are easy to make, and this craft is suitable for younger crafters

Popsicle Stick Mummy Crafts

On Halloween, it is possible to have the spookiest house on the block without spending a lot of money at a party store. Gather your children and a few household supplies to create cute and creepy mummy decorations. With a handful of craft sticks and a roll of medical gauze, your decorating is practi

Tissue Paper and Stained Glass Christmas Crafts

A stained glass look can be achieved with tissue paper.stained-glass windows image by Valeri Vlassov from Fotolia.comTissue paper is a good craft medium to use because it is inexpensive and very colorful. Tissue paper can be used to create beautiful stained glass crafts that can be used...

How to Make Your Own Clarifying Conditioner

Conditioners and other hair care products can build up on your hair and scalp. Products that claim to get rid of this build-up usually end up costing a fortune and stripping moisture from your hair. However, many items found right in your pantry can be used to create your own clarifying treatment at

Seoul Flower

Flowers are one of the most beloved gifts that are circulated among masses. Flowers are known to create an ambiance of love and understanding. It is the perpetual song of peace across the globe and signifies different values to different cultures. The beauty of a flower lies in its majestic approach