How to Create Your Own Kitchen Art Deco

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Kitchen art decor adds personality to your room.
It can coordinate with your cabinetry or your appliances or really just help you make a theme in your space.
It's a brilliant way to just bring in color and show off your sense of style.
There are a lot of different types that you can choose from.
For instance, even if you just decided that you wanted to go with utensils each utensil could really have a different sense of character.
If you want a country look then you could try making it yourself.
For instance you could mount an old worn silver fork on a piece of metal or a wood plaque.
You could really play up the table setting kind of feeling just by going with a series of plaques.
You could have one for the knife and the spoon.
Another option for this kind of artwork would be to go for a very modern feeling.
You might be able to find a very large and oversized fork to hang on the wall.
It could really tie in with your stainless steel appliances.
Plus it will be kitchen artwork that most people won't have.
There are a few very traditional motifs for this kind of artwork.
They usually feature fruit.
You could almost create a sculptural element by going with more high end kitchen accessories such as just bringing in a large papier-mâché pear instead of using the typical wallpaper border.
This can give your room a much more high end look.
Artwork doesn't have to hang on the wall.
It can be functional.
It can be part of storage.
It really just depends on how much wall space you have simply because in the kitchen you really don't have that much space to work with.
Another thing you might want to bring in is a chalkboard.
This can work with all different kinds of design styles.
For instance you could just paint one directly on the wall and then you can leave it plain or frame it out.
This is going to work well with a modern design style and it will also tie back in with any black appliances in the room.
This way your black appliances look intentional.
This is a great solution if you wanted stainless steel appliances but your current ones were in great shape.
There are also a lot of different chalkboards available.
You can find chalkboard paint in a variety of colors.
Of course you can go with the classic black or green depending on what you have going on in the rest of your room.
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