Online Dating Compared to Dating the Old Fashioned Way

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This century of information and speed has brought a lot of changes with improvements in our lives. A small population still seems to have a hard time adjusting to the rapid changes but there are all alternatives today. If you need to keep up with all your dreams then you will have to take advantage of all the tools you have at your disposal. In a busy life of any adult who is working or studying would need a better way to meet people than to see them personally. Online dating has become popular precisely for this purpose.


The approach is an area where the topic become debatable because online dating and traditional dating are starkly different from each other. Online dating is like walking in to a dark room with no idea what to expect at all. Traditional dating is more in your control because you usually know the person whom you are dating, and even if it is a blind date, it is probably coming from a reference of your friend. In this case, online dating has far more chances of this happening because you are meeting a world of potential dates but there is very little way to prove that they are real as they seem in the profiles. Traditional dating is secure but more time consuming.


Online dating has:

1. The security of meeting people in the comfort of your own home. If you feel someone is too creepy, you simply have to block that profile and he/she will never bother you again.

2. The security of controlling your personal details, because you can choose what to show in your public profile.

Traditional dating has:

1. The security of knowing the person before meeting him or her in person.

2. They are fewer in number because you will be meeting someone who is within the vicinity of your residential area.

Online dating turns out with better results because you will be choosing your date on the basis of profiles, like and dislikes and so on. However there is more risk in online dates, because of little means of counter-checking other profiles. Traditional dating is mostly secure but the only risk is the risk of losing too much time in the process. It leaves you with little choice since you have less time and you cannot establish contacts with too many dates at the same time, unlike online dating does.

Getting acquainted

Online dating already introduces with a lot of little things about you before you meet together in person. This allows you to prepare yourself with topics to talk about and hence the date is well in your control. Traditional dating still takes its time to get people well acquainted because you are still in the introduction stage. Even if your friends have recommended well about the match, you still need to do your bit of research during the date.
If you are confused and still stuck with this debate, then you can find out more advantages and disadvantages from an Online Dating Advice from the internet. There are many sources that can explain you how you should go about online dating. For additional help and material, you can take benefit of Alex Hitchen's Online Dating Master Class so that you know better about online dating.
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