Understanding Email Marketing

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I have been working on developing a new email campaign for a client, and am once again reminded about the affordability and flexibility of using email to meet a multitude of business objectives and so cost-effectively.
Computers have forever changed the way we do business, and nowhere is that more evident than in the ways that we stay in touch with clients, subscribers, members or prospects.
My belief is that as human beings we are all selling something all the time.
If you are a parent trying to persuade your teenager to cut the grass, a non-profit society creating a public awareness or fundraising campaign, or a business person wanting to round up new customers, it's all selling.
You want to convey your point of view with another person in a way that will (hopefully) bring them around to your way of thinking.
So, we use the term 'marketing' as a global umbrella for that process of telling others about your product, service, program or need...
and email offers many benefits; quick, adaptable, cost-effective, and encourages client sharing and referrals.
Even if the intention of your email project isn't about 'selling' something, the steps are the same.
Every email campaign will be based on understanding these four basic elements of marketing as they relate to your business or organization: 1.
Intention, goal or objective - what do we want to achieve 2.
Audience - who are we speaking to, contacting, selling to and how/where can we find them 3.
Form & Content - what should this look/sound like in order to create a desired response from our audience 4.
Delivery - how can we put this information in front of the target individual or group
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