Green Bottles: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

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There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. That's exactly what's happening in the packaging industry. The shape and functionality of plastic bottles has expanded exponentially thanks to the eco-friendly, green movement, resulting in interest from both consumers and companies. The question to ask is whether buyers are genuinely invested in the concept of green living or merely entertained by the current fad.

Sustainability and the idea of packaging in eco-friendly plastic bottles is prevalent throughout the world today. Whether it was the media or a genuine attack of consciousness that set off the hype of living and packaging according to an earth-friendly code, we'll never know. But, by this point in time it's assumed that everyone with a heart gets warm fuzzies and jumps for joy at every chance they have to help the planet. Or at least they act happy, as they nonchalantly pass the display of green plastic bottles.

Craft a quick list of the top five products you love the most. Now look at your list and figure out why you love each of these items so much. Your answers probably highlight the unique qualities of each product. Plastic bottles made from post-consumer resin (PCR) have beneficial characteristics as well. From using less resin for packaging and less non-renewable resources, what's not to love?

Some businesses are skeptical when it comes to refreshing their packaging. Take comfort in the knowledge that several studies completed by Perception Research Services reveal that sustainable bottles and jars have tested very well with consumers. The packaging was most likely to be purchased if it was recyclable or made from already recycled resin. If you're not sold based on science order a case of PCR bottles or jars and try it out for yourself.

So, are packagers really going green? We're happy to be carrying PCR bottles made from recycled plastic goods and adore the sustainable practice executed through the PCR cycle. The question is: can we get enough people involved to expand the presence of sustainable bottles and jars?

Here's where things get tricky. Everybody wants to help the earth and even studies show that consumers are interested in sustainable packaging, but for one reason or another, not many are actually purchasing the goods.

We may not know exactly what goes through the mind of packagers somewhere between visiting the PCR page and the checkout that's responsible for dampening the flame for eco-friendly packaging, but we've got a couple of ideas. Price is a hot issue and according to the Perception Research Services study, "67 percent of consumers said they were willing to pay more for green packaging." But at CPS, you don't have to shell out more dough for greener plastic bottles. Though PCR plastic bottles are typically priced 10% higher than virgin resins, we're currently selling stock PET and PCR products at the same price. Appearance-based rumors can cause trouble as well, due to complaints that PCR isn't as pretty as virgin PET. Don't be fooled as this claim is largely false - take a look at our collection of colored PCR (cobalt, emerald, and amber) plastic bottles and jars. I bet you can't pick the recycled goods out of a plastic bottles lineup.

Like eco-friendly plastic bottles, this conclusion is light on material. Not only for the sake of the pun, but because the solution to the problem is simple, everything hinges on one decision. Are we as an industry ready to commit to sustainable packaging?
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