Tabletop Fountains - When and How to Use Them

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If you are looking to improve the interior design of your home and have been musing over the best way to do this then maybe you have come across tabletop fountains and are unsure how they could improve your home. Within this article it will take a look at how a tabletop fountain could fit into your home. Firstly if you do not know a tabletop fountain is a decorative water feature that can be used within the home or office to improve the aesthetics and the ambience of a room. The usual place that you would have one of the fountains would be on a table (as the name would suggest), however there are other alternative uses where they are equally effective. They are made of a variety of materials which range from metals such as copper to stone like slate. Below are some suggestions of how and when you could make use of a tabletop fountain.

Dinning Tables

They are superb for having on your dining table when it is not in use, the tabletop fountains provide the perfect centre piece which can enhance what otherwise would be a simple table. Due to the nature of the design there is no chance that any of the water could damage the tabletop and the water fountains are extremely easy to maintain. With many different shapes, sizes and designs too choose from there will defiantly be one that will fit well into your dcor and suite your existing table.

Conservatory Tables

A conservatory is the ideal place for any type of water fountain and this includes the tabletop ones. Often part of the furniture within the conservatory will be a small coffee table or side tables and these can be enhanced with the inclusion of a well balanced tabletop fountain. The sound of the water flowing over the fountain will instantly add to the rooms relaxing ambience and this is particularly ideal in a conservatory.

Romantic Occasions

If you are planning a romantic evening in then this is where they can come into their own, many of the designs will include candles or small night style lights that can really set off the Romantic feel. For that little extra romance it is possible to add some soothing fragrances to the water that emit a perfumed smell that will add the finishing touches to the whole room and the night.

Contemporary Designs for Modern Homes

If you have your friends or family coming over then why not impress them with a superb tabletop fountain display. Some of the latest designs are very modern and will fit well into a contemporary home and will provide a great focal point of your room. The latest trend is for steel Tabletop Fountains that reflect the light and look superb when the sun is shining on them. Others are made of unusual materials that have been sourced from all over the world and will be sure to add that touch of uniqueness to your room.

The key to creating a great tabletop fountain display is to go with what ever feels right for you, there are no wrong or right places to have your fountain, so just go for it and take a look at all the different tabletop fountains that could enhance your home.
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