How About Meeting Some Crazy Friends Today?

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Do you have crazy friends that like high adrenaline sports? Get together with them in a very special type of social networking arena called Crazy Friends. This is probably the wildest bunch of people doing the wildest things and discussing it with each other in this forum online. If you haven't heard about it yet you are missing out.

Here at Crazy Friends which I have just joined you will find people who are into climbing rocks like cliff faces and bungee jumping 200 meters off bridges. This is social networking of the most extreme. You sign up like any normal site with your name date of birth and the area of the world you live in. That is normal for most social networking sites.  The differences come on the inside where you will truly find crazy friends.

As yet the site is small with the number of people who have joined as when I joined it only had 77 profiles up one of which was my own and another was a test. However what these crazy friends make up for on the social networking is the extreme photos they are sharing from high speed police car chases to hanging in mid air under an out jutting rock miles up in the space of nowhere. I guess I am an oldie among them as they all look as if they are in there twenties and probably this is when the crazy friends era strikes most people. Looking at the map of where these folks have either visited or live shows you that they are spread across the entire globe. Interesting photos from places like the Galapagos and the Great Wall of China are amount those that perked my interest. Perth and Las Vegas were both there as was Dresden Germany.  As I said this social networking thing has brought crazy friends together from across the globe.

The site itself is obviously hosted on Wordpress setup as its format reveals.  Wordpress tends to be very distinctive in the style and way they post things like their tags.

When you come to things like the videos that have been setup showing these crazy friends in action it is enough to make your hair stand on end. At least it did that to me but then I do not have a head for heights and seeing people hanging on the end of a rope with an abyss below them gives me the creeps. What did surprise me was that these videos do not appear to have been viewed by any of the members except for one which had one view. This is a little lax on the part of the rest of the members. There are different social groups you can join such as "the nobody is perfect" group with 33 members to the bungee jumping and the rock climbing groups.  The Los Angeles Lakers have a fan club group here as well with a cute picture of the cheerleaders in their little (and they are little) yellow outfits. Don't bend over pretty girls.
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