If You Don't Who Will? You Must... A Guide to Living Life Fulltime, Breaking Free From 9 to 5!

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You must be responsible, You must set goals, You must take action, You must eat right, You must excercise, You must develop a spiritual life,

You must take time everyday for personal development, You must help others 1st, You must become a leader, You must find your purpose, You must Live with passion, You must do what you Love, You must decide to win, You must believe you are a champion, You must Live your dreams, You must know that you are deserving,

You must know that you can do it, You must know that you can do, be and have everything you want, You must become more so that you can give more, You must live life to the fullest, You must love yourself before you can love others, You must know that you know that you that what you think about most of the time you will become, You must take action and conquer your fear, You must die empty, You must give life all you have got, You must decide to live positive and happy, You must get rich, so that you can help lots of people, You Must not allow negative thinking to ever have a foothold in your mind,

You must be your best so that you can give your best, You must know that you can not do everything yourself, You must praise others so much that you need no praise for yourself, You must be grateful and thankful for everything in your life, the good and the bad because it means you are alive, You must leave a legacy for generations to benefit from, You must laugh and you must cry, You must be the best you you can be and don't try to be like anyone else. You must tell the truth and not lie,

You must become as Einstein said "become a man of value rather than a man of success!" You must do all you can do and know that it is enough, You must never give up never, You must respect your elders and honor your mother and father, You must contol the controllables and not sweat the small stuff, You must think that you can, know that you can and not doubt that you can, You must write when you have the inspiration and teach when the student appears, You must give credit to your leaders, mentors and coaches for the have given of themselves for you,You must run with the runners, walk with the walkers and stop with the stoppers, You must spend 80% of your time with 20% and 20% of your time with 80%,

You must praise in public and reprimand in private, You must listen more than you talk, You must learn something new everyday, You must make a profit when you are in business, You must have an open mind, You must respect others space, You must be relentless and unstoppable in pursuit of your dreams , goals and ambitions, You must have vision, You must learn so you can earn and read so you can lead, You must be strong and not weak, You must be confident and not cowardly, You must make mistakes so you can grow, You must fail so you can succeed,

You must focus so you can finish, You must have faith so you do not quit, You must dare so you can do, You must be creative and have a ideas, You must trust so you can be trusted, You must be ready to receive, You must invest so you can rest, You must have a philosophy, You must believe in someting or you'll fall for anything, You must not spend a minute worrying, worrying is negative goal setting,

You must find joy in little things as well as big things, You must dream big dreams, You must live a life that you are proud of, You must know that we are born and we die and everything in between is called life, so live it in a way that when your life is finished it will be complete.

Because if you don't who will? You Must...Live Free Live Fulltime!

Fired Up Jim Hammons
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