Joining the Best Network Marketing Company

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If you are in the market for the best network marketing company to work for, how do you decide which one it is? It all begins by doing the one thing that most people don't do.
Research!If you are going to get involved with a marketing company you want to do your home work.
You want to dig deep into the history of the company.
How long have they been in business?Do they offer a product that is worth buying?I'm a firm believer in, if you won't buy and use it in your home, how in the world are you going to try and convince me to buy it and use it in my home.
Is it something that I will need and can't get easily from somewhere else? All these questions are important when you are looking at the best network marketing company to get involved with.
Another very important factor, especially for you the distributor is whether or not you are going to have to pre-purchase the product that you are selling.
Some companies allow you to be the distributor and only expect that you place the order for the product once you have sold it.
I read where others expect you to purchase the product and then sell them.
Now if you are doing this you have to be sure that you can move that product so that you don't have it just sitting on your hands.
That could lead to wasted dollars or even desperation to move the product in the end.
Either situation isn't good.
And last but not least when searching for the best network marketing company to work with is the commission plan.
How are they set up?Do they pay you down to your third of fourth level?Do they foster a desire to create deeper down lines thus offering a healthier profit base?Or does it seem like only the individuals sitting up at the very top make the best money.
Do they offer you the opportunity to earn residual income? These are all questions to think about and answer when you are searching for the best network marketing company to join.
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