5 Quick Tips in SEO Design

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You know that SEO is important when it comes to marketing your website.
However, did you also know that SEO is important when it comes to your website design? There are actually features that can go into your website design itself that affect your search engine optimization.
Here are five quick tips in SEO design that can help you today: 1.
    Always be sure to tag your pages properly.
You need to look up relevant and useful keywords and then you also need to know how to use them properly.
    Use search friendly URLS.
Avoid long URLs full of numbers or difficult abbreviations.
Try to put keywords in your URLs where applicable.
    Avoid Flash websites.
They look nice but a fully Flash coded website is not friendly to the search engine bots.
You can add pieces of Flash as long as your entire design is not like that.
    Your important keywords should be in your title, Meta, heading and your alt tags 5.
    Try to keep the code of your site as clean as possible.
This makes it easier for the search engines to read and rank.
With these five quick tips for SEO design, you can begin making these changes to your existing site or a new site that you plan to build.
In fact, now that you know better, these changes are much easier to implement in a new site than to change one that you already have up.
SEO design can help you get your site off the ground and on the right track for the traffic you need.
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