Preparing Your Vehicle for Wintertime Driving

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Making sure that your car is well prepared for winter can help to eliminate the risk of problems such as bad visibility, skidding or break down.

1. Servicing

In winter, you will need to check your vehicle is well maintained and serviced. Be sure that your car has gotten its standard planned servicing, and give consideration to booking it in for a winter service.

2. Battery

Make sure that the battery is fully charged and in decent condition. Look at the battery connections, making sure that they are tight and clear of any corrosion.

3. Fluid Levels

Make sure your engine oil is topped up and that you have the appropriate concentration of anti-freeze inside your coolant system.

4. Windshield Wipers and Wash

Be sure your rear-screen and windshield wipers are in very good condition and replace them if they have become split, cracked or worn. Make sure that your windscreen washers are realigned accurately and put in a winter season additive to your windscreen wash to prevent it from freezing.

5. Windows

Clear your windows and mirrors so that they are clear of frost, ice and snow. It's also advisable to be sure that your windscreen is clean, since the glare from the low winter sun may make it hard to see through dirty glass.

6. Tyres

Your tyres should be examined to ensure that they've got an adequate amount of tread and are properly inflated. The minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm, but it is strongly recommended that you replace your tyres once the tread is less than 3 mm.

7. Disaster Kit

Ensure that you have an emergency pack inside your car in case you break down or come upon any other problems. This should include the following items:

* Ice scraper
* De-icer
* Warm clothes
* Boots
* Folding shovel
* Blanket
* Flashlight
* Food and drink
* Battery jump leads
* First-aid kit
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