Stay Consistent With Your Messages

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Marketers sometimes take on the idea of altering their message too frequently.
They are trying to keep their message fresh.
They are afraid of boring their prospects or customers.
Funnily enough, as marketers, we're the ones who hear our own messages all the time.
And we're the ones who quickly get bored of them.
Our message might not have even gotten across to our customers and prospects.
Even if they have, chances are they need to hear it once again (this assumes we've got the right message for the proper audience).
This doesn't mean you shouldn't shake things up a bit now and then.
And it definitely doesn't mean you should try to bore your audience.
But it (probably) isn't necessary to continuously alter your message.
Here are some things you can do: Repurpose your content or message.
Perhaps you have a flier, special report or a whitepaper that shows the six reasons why someone will benefit from your service or product.
Split it into six separate smaller pieces and release it that way.
You can make six mini-fliers out of it.
Or convert it into six blogs.
Your message will remain the same ("This will benefit your business"), but the presentation of the message has changed.
Find a different way to repeat your message.
Learn how your customers converse about their needs, wants, or issues.
Explain a solution (your product or service) in the same way they would explain it-in some cases, this may be very different than how you would do it.
Naturally, this is assuming you have the right message to start with.
This means that, before you alter your message, look at it again to make sure that you are communicating what your audience needs and wants to hear.
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