How to Maintain Large Automobile Fleets With Auto Carpet Cleaners?

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Auto carpet cleaners are mandatory for cleaning cars quickly and thoroughly. Auto carpet cleaners are among the most versatile cleaning machines, as they can be used for cleaning car carpets and upholstery, and also at other commercial locations, such as hotels and office buildings.

Auto carpet cleaners are broadly classified into heated and non-heated machines. Heated auto carpet cleaners contain one or more heating elements. Commercial auto detailing cleaning machines with two inline elements require only 5 minutes to turn cold water into hot. These machines reach temperature levels as high as 210F. No wonder, commercial auto rug cleaning machines are in such high demand.

Carpet washer systems that do not have a heating device are cheaper and consume less power. These machines can be used for cleaning carpets that are not too grimy or greasy. Some machines give you an option to use hot water to clean carpets, even if the machines do not have heating capacity. These machines support water temperatures as high as 140F, which is sufficient for cleaning carpets that are not very grimy.

You need to be careful about the carpet'‚¬¬‚¬s heat tolerance. Some carpets should never be cleaned with hot water, while other carpets are often cleaned with hot water, and still other types of carpets require very hot water for cleaning.

For cleaning large fleets of cars, you need carpet washer machines that are durable and equipped to handle the rigors of commercial applications. These machines need to be powerful and highly efficient.

Buy carpet washing systems from well-known brands

Always buy mobile car wash equipment with a low-flow rate. These machines use less water than conventional. This precludes the risk of fungal germination and odors, and keeps the carpets fresh smelling and clean. Upholstery cleaning machines are very useful for washing carpets, rugs, car upholstery, seat covers, and similar surfaces. You need to look for the best brand to find the best equipment for car interior cleaning. There are some reputed brands on the market that offer reasonably-priced, high-quality car interior cleaners. They also offer the right accessories to make the cleaning process easier and faster.

For example, good brands of mobile car wash systems understand the difference between carpet wands and upholstery wands. Upholstery cleaning machines used for cleaning car interiors require a smaller wand, generally used for cleaning upholstery. Normal-sized carpet wands cannot be used for cleaning car interiors, as they would be too large to comfortably clean inside a car. The standard tool size for cleaning the car fabric upholstery and carpeting is a 4" wide tool.

The wand should also be high quality and durable, as it is exposed to hot water, chemicals, and corrosive dirt on a regular basis. Stainless steel wands are the best option. Some brands generally offer the choice in stainless steel and other types of wands.

You should choose car interior cleaners with powerful vacuum extraction system. This ensures that excess water, detergent, and dirt are removed almost entirely from the carpets. Many brands offer carpet cleaners designed to cater to modern-day commercial upholstery and carpet cleaning requirements in auto detailing businesses.
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