Online Marketing Blueprint to Success - You Owe it to Yourself - Part 5

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Online marketing, is not the easiest thing to learn, especially if you are not familiar with the terms that are used and you know nothing about online marketing, other than the strategies of the old school.
Some marketing strategies that has been around for awhile, but might be new to you, are as follows: SEO, (Search engine optimization) when I decided to put a halt to all the marketing madness and develop a business from the ground up and throw all the old school marketing out the window, it became abundantly clear to me, that I had a lot to learn.
It all started by my inquiring about marketing on the Internet and one thing keep coming up was, Search engine optimization, also known by "SEO".
I soon realized that this was the way to go, if I wanted to build a business on the Internet.
I also understood that I had to have my own website, that is, if I wanted to implement search engine optimization in my marketing plan.
So, I was faced with a decision to make, do I get a website or a blog? After careful study I opted for a blog for the following reasons; a blog is very popular with search engines, because they are designed for fresh content articles, articles about your personal life or a subject that you are a expert in or a authority on the subject, this is what the search engines look for.
Fresh content is king! Now the question is, since I know nothing about Search engine optimization, how do I start my marketing plan? I started by subscribing to all the SEO newsletters I could, in order to gain as much knowledge about the subject as I could, this was very helpful in understanding the concept of Seo marketing.
While reading and studying all the new found information from the Seo companies, a subject that caught my eye, and that was on "Google branding".
Google branding might not be a phrase with which you are familiar in the home based business industry.
However, this idea can teach the home based business person a valuable lesson when it comes to creating a brand for your business.
Because Google is the most recognizable business of the decade, you might be wondering how your small home based business can learn from a multi-billion dollar company.
You can in the way in which they made a name for themselves.
There is a reason that the current marketing students are learning about Google in their college classes.
There is a lot they can learn from the giant.
The first thing that is important to note about Google branding is that the way in which the search engine works these days is that it puts a lot of emphasis on branding.
Because of this, how can a small home based business such as your own compete with the giant brands of the world? The first step to competing is to create a brand for your home based business.
You want to do this by promoting yourself over your business.
You want people to feel as if they know who you are.
You can do this through blogs and social media sites.
The whole point of branding your company is that you want people to see you as the only place to go for that particular business.
It is not about beating out your competitors, it is about making a name for yourself and your company.
Once you have established a brand for your home based business, you can be successful with Google branding.
The reason they felt the need to run their search engine this way was because it basically is a way to weed out companies with irrelevant content that could not be trusted.
Because Google is the most popular search engine, you need to do everything you can to get to the top of their search engine results.
This is the best way to drive traffic to your site.
They constantly are changing the way in which their search algorithms work, and the newest change as been toward Google branding.
You can use this to your advantage just by letting people get to know you.
The more they feel they know you, the more likely they are to trust your home based business.
It can get you to the top of the list.
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