Cleaning Up Your SEO Strategy for a Fresh Start!

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With the year almost coming to an end, it is time you look into your SEO activities so far and make sure you give it a little autumn cleaning for a fresh start come spring.
A regular review of your search engine optimization strategies is a great way to stay on track and find ways to eliminate time consuming activities.
Here are a few areas that you must consider while pursuing a cleanup- Fix all the Errors that are listed in the Webmaster Tools Both Google and Bing offer diagnostic reports that list errors that exist on your website.
These search engines are equipped to alert many forms of technical issues that may influence your visibility online.
Bing especially is extremely conscious about the technical quality of a website.
Google on the other hand is slightly more lenient in this aspect as long as it is able to crawl through your content.
Its algorithms are designed sift through what is important and what should matter.
It is strongly recommended that you get proactive about cleaning up all HTML and crawl errors and get rid of duplicate pages for enhanced rankings.
Updating your CMS, Plugins and Templates Ask your search engineering services provider to check if your content management systems are up to date.
Make sure they have implemented current search engine tags as well as structured the data.
First, it is ideal to update your CMS and plugins.
Go ahead by reviewing each update to assess whether it adds value to your SEO strategy.
Also check if you require providing any additional information.
For example, if an update includes adding Google Author Tags, you will most likely be expected to provide information such as a link to the writer's Google+ profile.
Ask any search engine consultancy and they will tell you that updating your CMS and plugins is advantageous to more than just your SEO strategies.
As individuals discover vulnerabilities within a security system of a CMS, publishers will patch this and incorporate it into their system.
Not updating your CMS on a regular basis can make your website vulnerable to hacks.
Social Media Social media is slowly becoming an integral part of search engineering services.
Make sure your pages link to critical social media profiles.
Make sure the links are prominent and that they are embedded into your website, tools and applications.
One cannot overstate how important your social media strategy is to high rankings.
An active social media presence is more likely to encourage your audience to share, like and tweet your content, which subsequently can lead to traditional offsite SEO signals such as the likes of links.
Make sure you add social media link on your website prominently in a way that your visitors can spot your content.
At the top of your page or on the sidebar is ideal.
Finally, ask your search engineering services provider to run a page speed audit.
One of the most common reasons behind slow pages is bloated image sizes.
Your service provider will be able to make use of some excellent tools that automatically scan through every page and highlight such speed hindering flaws and also help in optimizing your ages.
You can also run a crawl of your site using SEO tools and make necessary changes based on the findings.
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