Hopi Pahana Very Special in End Days

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The Hopi people await the return of Pahana.
He is the "Messiah" of the Hopi people.
How does he relate to Christianity? Pahana told the Hopi people he would return to help them, and when he returns he will bring a piece of tablet with him.
This will validate who he is.
We read that Pahana will have two powerful helpers.
Because of information I have received from Great Spirit, I believe that the two helpers of Pahana are the same two people as the two witnesses Creator promised to send us.
One reason I believe the two witnesses are the same two people as the helpers of the Hopi messiah, is because I was told that I am one of the two witnesses, and I was also told that I carry the Pahana anointing.
About nine years ago Spirit gave me a ceremony that I understand is the seventh ceremony promised by White Buffalo Calf Woman to the Lakota (Sioux).
Although they currently believe that a dream someone had about throwing a ball was symbolic of the seventh ceremony, I believe their seventh ceremony is much more important than that.
I understand the seventh ceremony of the Lakota will be performed at the reunion of the Israelites, and it will seal the union.
The people of this union will be called the "Rainbow Tribe".
The Lakota apparently have a very special role to play in these end times.
I asked Creator how I could possibly have involvement in so many aspects of these end times, and He told me that all these events are one thing.
Of course, there is only one Highest Source in the Universe.
I was told that the fulfillment of Creator's promise in Ezekiel 37:19 that He would join the House of Judah (Jews) and the scattered ten northern tribes of Israel (House of Israel, sometimes called the House of Joseph) as one people is the same event as the completion of the Hopi migration back to Jerusalem.
The ten northern tribes were scattered because of their wickedness, and their covenant with the God of Israel was broken.
Jesus came to redeem them and repair their covenant with Creator.
We remember that Jesus said he was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.
We also need to remember that the covenant between the Jews and the God of Israel was never broken.
That is why there is no need for Christians to try to proselytize Jews because the Jews are already safely in the presence of Creator.
I believe it is very possible that the spirit of Jesus is also the spirit of Pahana of Hopi legend.
All of these events, like the return of Jesus and Pahana, are apparently related.
Since so many of these events are coming to fruition in these times, it is very likely that we are living in the end days.
It is time for us each to seek to remove all hypocrisy and evil intent from our hearts so we will be ready to meet the coming "Messiah".
Without love in our hearts, we will never see our heavenly Father.
We certainly will not be invited into His kingdom if we have blocked love out of our hearts, because God is Love.
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