Image Marketing Versus Text Marketing In Rack Cards

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Rack cards are very versatile objects. In marketing, rack card printing can be designed pretty creatively to be more image oriented for marketing or text oriented for effective information communication. In this guide, we will discuss exactly the advantages of each kind of design orientation for rack cards. This should give you the right kind of idea for your own future full color rack cards. So read on and learn exactly what you need to do.

1. When more text is needed in rack card marketing.

There are two major reasons why more text will be the best design strategy for your color rack cards. These two depend on your products and your audiences.

a. When products need specifics. If your product or service is a bit more technical or complicated, then promoting them using rack cards require some more text than usual. Of course this is obvious since you will need to explain quite clearly all the specifications that one needs to know about the thing you are selling so that the reader can actually figure out if it is the thing that they really want.

So try to look at your product and see if its specifics require accurate listings of its attributes, features for a more fair assessment to its quality. The more complex the thing being sold, the more you will need text-oriented styles for rack card designs.

b. When audiences are picky. Another key factor when you need to print more text heavy rack cards is when your audiences get picky. When your specific target audience is picky with their products, you will have to explain fully all the details of your items so that it can compete effectively with others. The more features you list out, the better your chances of succeeding with your color rack cards.

2. When more images are needed in those rack cards.

There are also of course times when an image oriented design is much more appropriate in rack card printing. Here are the two most crucial situations when you will need to bring on the great images in rack card printing and designs.

a. When you face tough competition. If you are facing tons of competition from other rack card marketers, it is a must to up the ante with your rack card printing and bring in the most impressive images that you can. All text rack cards will not work too much in a competitive environment because they look too boring.

That is why it is good to use color rack cards with lots of great full color images if you are facing tough competition. The more impressive the images, the more you can attract readers to reading your color rack cards first.

b. When you have a tough audience. Also, if your audience is pretty tough and does not get excited to easily, then you will need some creative images to encourage them to respond. This is especially true for certain demographics, typically the older ones who have seen a lot of marketing rack cards before. Make sure that you be as original and creative with your images and you should be able to succeed with rack card marketing in this kind of audience.

So what do you think is the best approach to rack card marketing? Do you want the more text oriented layout or the more image oriented one? It all depends on your audience and your purposes, but hopefully the notes above should let you decide effective which will you want to do.

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