5 Deadly Mistakes Men Make in Bed! This Will Spoil Your Chances With Girls Forever

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The modern woman is very demanding and assertive when it comes to sexual satisfaction.
You have to be very careful and caring to satisfy your woman or else be prepared to be out of her life and her room soon.
Avoid making these mistakes which most men make and most women detest.
Not Enough Foreplay The most important part of sex is foreplay.
Only with a lengthy and satisfactory foreplay you can be assured that your sexual fantasies will come alive on bed.
Foreplay has to start much before you even go to bed.
You don't have to wait to get the room to touch or kiss your woman.
Make her feel desired and loved at all times to make her come alive on bed.
Going too Fast Never ever be in a hurry.
Take time and time your movements to a slow and steady journey to the ultimate moment.
Going too fast or trying to hurry up things will make your partner think that you just consider her as an object for your sexual pleasure.
She may not take it more than the first time.
Forcing or Begging You cannot force your woman to perform oral sex.
If she wants to perform it she will do so on her own.
Don't push her head down to your penis if she does not want to go down.
Try asking her gently but if she refuses, don't force or beg with her to satisfy your demand.
This will turn her off.
Using too Much Pressure Never forget that a woman's genitals are very sensitive and have to be treated with respect.
You are preparing ground to be kicked off the bed if you thrust yourself in too hard or bite her breasts.
Dozing Off Soon After Women find it very irritating if you turn away and sleep off as soon you are through with sex.
Women need some more kissing and cuddling, known also as after play.
Don't avoid it even if you feel exhausted after sex.
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