Information On Pay-to-click Sites: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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Nowadays, many people who are looking to get an internet business going are starting with PTCs -- Pay to Click websites. I, myself, began that way. To start, give me a chance to explain what PTC websites are. A Pay-to-Click website is a website where you are paid some money for clicking on and watching an advert for a determined amount of time (usually half a minute). Once you've watched the advertisement you are compensated the tiny amount of cash into your account balance and you have to then amass it into a certain amount of money, such as $5, before you will be able to cash it out. Also, most of these websites have a little more to them, like special options accessible only to members, and referral rewards.

You can pay for referrals (or you can ask them to register), and you get roughly 50% of the cash they make from clicking advertisements. In short, if you get paid one cent for watching an advert, you'll as well get one half of a penny each time each one of those you referred does the same. It may not appear that profitable, but think about if you had thousands of referrals working for you. There are likewise special membership options that let you obtain more referrals, more ads and more cash for each click (often for both your own clicks and your referrals' clicks). An enhanced membership normally comes in at a high cost but in the long run, you will generate more cash with it.

Now let's assume you sign up to a PTC and it has 4 ads. You then get a thousand people to join under you. Each of your own clicks makes you one penny and so does every one of your referrals' clicks. Do the math. That's $forty bucks for you, presuming all 1000 of your referrals click on all 4 adverts. Sounds pretty great, correct? That would be a good amount of cash to generate each day, right?

The truth is, almost all PTC sites are nothing but scams. Essentially, they are simply pyramid schemes. They are called "pyramids" because just the folks at or near the top earn any money, while people who are lower the pyramid typically end up getting zip. So, if 10 people put in $10 each, that's a hundred bucks. The top person may pay out 15 dollars to four people and retain the remainder for himself, with nothing going out to all the rest of the members. How are they able to do this? It's simple. Initially, they talk you into joining ass a member and paying for a few referrals (oftentimes bots, not even real people). They then pay out with money that other members have invested in for their memberships and referrals. The cash from advertisements does not cover their payouts, particularly since a number of the referrals you can buy are bots. Unavoidably, they run out of prospective members and people stop investing, leaving those who weren't among the first to join losing money. If you are one of the ones at the top, in from the start, there's a good chance of making a little money, but it is not worth the risks.

I recommend you stay away from Pay-to-Click programs. The only way you could possibly earn even a tiny amount of money is to be the head scammer or one of his buddies. All other people who sign up loses. I not keen about the odds . . . or the karma.
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