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Although the movie "The Secret" was a huge success, it was more or less just another money maker for those involved.
For many viewers it is just too good to be true.
It is full of hype and promises that are unrealistic for our current stage of human development.
It is a loaded gun placed in the hands of infants.
Most are not mentally ready for it.
The movie represents a process that can and does work, but only when it has been fully understood, developed, and refined.
It is millennia ahead of our current abilities as a species.
The Law of Attraction is at work every day in our lives and as the movie points out, we create what we think and that can be dangerous on a conscious level.
The reason it will not work for most people on a conscious level is because humanity has disempowered itself for centuries.
Humanity was and is born with the knowledge of the "law" but from birth the power is systematically taken away from us.
The power always remains with us, but it is never developed or talked about.
Infants are taught not to use it and to be submissive and obedient.
Religion is the greatest distracter for The Law of Attraction.
Those who would have power over us to not want us to use our power because in doing so, we disempower them.
I further explain this in my book "Led Down The Garden Path" due to be published in early spring of 2008.
The movie does not go far enough; it presents the end results of a system of creation, but does not educate the viewer or take them to it.
It is a slick Ferrari with too much power and no training.
It is an idea that gives too little for too many without explanation of why it won't work for most.
More or less it gives you a glossy picture of a finished computer and no schematics or instructions on how to build or use it - a box full of parts.
It is just too overwhelming for most.
I am living proof that the law of attraction works, and for almost sixty years it has been working in the background, in the subconscious.
It has only been in the last eight years that I have started to learn about how it works and why it does not work consciously for some.
In hindsight most of us can see how it has worked for us in our personal lives.
My own story about bringing Perthes disease into my life and curing myself a year later is a dramatic story of how the "law" works.
It is chronicled in my book "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle".
What has triggered this article was a book I received recently from an author for review.
The author failed over several years to control the process and has written an angry and embittered book about how it does not work.
The first few chapters are filled with emotion; hurt, anger, disappointment and bitterness.
But it becomes very apparent in the early parts of the book why the author was unable to consciously work the law.
There are huge gaps in her education about who she is and her true nature.
It is like a bird that can't fly because it doesn't know it is a bird.
Likewise the law will not work for most because most people don't know who they naturally are.
Without the understanding of who we are and our own capabilities; we will not be able to fly either.
The movie should have come with a warning; not suitable for all audiences viewer discretion is advised.
Most people would not know themselves as creating miracles because they do not know themselves as God and they believe that only God can create miracles.
It is the same with the "Law of Attraction;" it does not work until you know that you are the creator of the end result - what it is you want! The secret to "The Secret" is that you can not have what you want while you are wanting it nor you can not have what you want while you are trying to create it.
The law requires complete acceptance that you have what you desire.
This aspect of the law is too simple for a race that requires complicated explanations.
It is important to repeat it here again.
"You cannot have what you want, nor can you have what you want while you are trying to create it" "You can do this and more" is a line that Christianity should recognize.
Although religion is not an aspect of "The Law of Attraction" Christianity does support the "law" in the line from the Bible that was spoken by Jesus.
"The faith of a mustard seed" is the fundamental secret of the "law".
A mustard seed has no faith; it has knowing.
The evolution of the mustard seed is programmed into it - it is all about knowing.
Knowing is absolute, and if you know a thing it becomes your new truth.
And to know a thing, you must know that you are the creator of that knowing.
Know this to be true and you will have the secret for success and the only thing that makes the "Law of Attraction" work.
In the natural universe there is only knowing; laws are created by man because that is what he does, because he is a creative being.
The only purpose to physical life is the desire to experience.
The law of attraction gives humanity a tool that can create on demand and consciously when it is understood and accepted.
Distracters of the law simply are not there yet - they are not ready.
More over, they do not want anyone else to be able to use it either.
It is very obvious in this world that there are many areas of enlightenment.
Some are more advanced than others.
That is neither good nor bad, it simply is a truth, it is observable, and it is appropriate.
All things have the ability to evolve and they do in turn, when they are ready.
I don't believe there are levels of enlightenment, just areas of enlightenment.
Each run on the ladder is a step, a place that each of us experiences one way or the other until we get to where we want to be.
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