An Introduction To Good Internet Marketing Practices

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To build a good reputation online you must manage your reputation.
You must know what is being said about you in forums and reviews, whether positive or negative.
Positive comments are great for building a good reputation, however you must be able to deal with negative comments.
If you face negative comments head on and deal with the problems that created the negative comments, you will greatly improve your reputation.
Address any shortfalls and make absolutely clear statements as to how you are going to deal with these shortfalls in the future.
Show your customers that you care about what they think about you and your internet business.
Invite comments from your customers and ask them what it is that they want from your products or services.
Learn from your customers and adapt your products or services to meet their requirements.
The appearance of your website is very important, your prospect or customer can visit any one of millions of websites while surfing the net.
You have to think, what is it about your website that will catch a prospects attention and prevent them from navigating away from your site immediately.
Remember first impressions are very important, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression".
Remember this and concentrate on first impressions.
Keep your website simple and easy on the eye, have a clean and clear landing page, you will retain more visitors this way than with a fussy page which is difficult to navigate.
Whatever product or service your website represents, make sure it is obvious to the visitor immediately.
If your landing page is over fussy this will just confuse visitors and encourage them to move away and visit a different site.
Try to capture your visitors details whenever possible, this will help you to build a list of prospects to market to in the future with other products or services related to your original offer.
Give your visitors something for their contact details, for example offer a free report or discount vouchers.
Have a precise call to action, "for more information" or "for your free report" Click Here.
Prospects need to be asked to buy from you, if you do not ask for the sale they will buy from the next site they visit, not from you.
Try to cater to all segments of your target market, all visitors will not be looking for exactly the same product.
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