Dodging Seo Sharks

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SEO sharks are the people who keeps in touch with you out in the blue, declaring they can help you solve your search engine ranking and then nothing to back up those demands with. I'm not saying that all cold call marketing stunts are rubbish because that would be lying.

Most of you resort to cold calling potential clients to succeed up more business, particularly if business is slower than usual

The key to knowing whether or not you are dealing with an SEO shark is by being able to see their track record. Could they establish their validity of expertise on you?
If so, go ahead, you will be in good hands.

In the fast-paced world of the Internet it is more important than ever to see proof. If in doubt, go walkabout. Unless there is absolute trust between you and the contractor, you should never feel pressured to outsource your search engine marketing tasks.

Most of them declare they can assist you but the truth they cannot. It is simply their wish to sign you up as their client in order to make an easy dollar or two. Make no mistake, SEO is not easy because no one can promise you that you will rank in the search engines at a certain point in time. Run, and retain possession of your money if they do.

Due to the ever-changing magnitude of the search engine algorithms it is impossible for anyone to predict how your website will rank. At best, a contractor can give you an approximate estimate. If you expect wonders you need to book a ticket to Disneyland instead. Getting your website ranked takes time, more so if the site is brand new, or if you are trying to rank against established authority sites/competition.

There are lots of factors that play into the game, these are just a few of them to point how comprehensive search engine optimization is:

*The age of your website
*Your domain name (is it keyword rich)
*How well your site is optimized for SEO
*How many backlinks you have that points to your website.
*Your website's competition
*Demand of your products/services
*The age of your sites domain name (there is in fact a trick that can make all the difference)
*The quality of your content
* etc.

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