Places to Visit in the Rich Natural Habitat of Kottayam

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Kottayam is a beauty of nature located in the Indian state of Kerala. It is a place that thrills the tourists with its natural beauty. The climate being moderate fills the tourists with the pleasant atmosphere that it provides. It has numerous places that appeal the people to visit it. Another important factor is its cultural richness. Kottayam is also popular as it is a trading centre. Spices are traded here and it is a famous place for spice trade. Again, commercial crops like rubber are also traded in the place. Altogether, it is a place that is extremely rich in its natural beauty and products. Kottayam tourism has opened itself for the privilege of the tourists and thus facilitating them. Here is a list of places to be visited in Kottayam that will be a guide for the tourists.

Vaikom: It is a beautiful place in the lap of nature. The Vembanad lake lies to its west. Tourists can also see the distributaries of the river Muvattupuzha flowing across it. Vaikom is thus a beautiful place. Again, the temple of Lord Shiva is another attraction. The spiritual ambience around the temple along with its shining beauty is highly attracting to the tourists.

Nadukani: Situated at a height of three thousand feet above sea level, this place is extremely fascinating for the tourists. It is perfectly in the lap of nature lying amidst thick and dense forests. The wooded hills provide another thrilling ambience. The place is extremely delightful especially to those loving trekking. Tourists can trek to the place and enjoy the beauty of nature in all its colours. They can have a panoramic view of the area from the mountains to the rivers and relax in the pleasant place.

ThirunakkaraMahadevaTemple: This temple is attractive to the tourists from many aspects. From historical point of view, it is important as the temple was constructed in the sixteenth century. Thus a monument standing firm against time is thrilling to the tourists. The architecture also has its attraction since it is of Keralian style. It is extremely beautiful. The murals in the temple portray themes from the great epics of the Hindus. Aaraatu, the annual festival organized in the temple, is a special event that draws huge number of tourists. It is celebrated with great pomp and joy portraying the rich cultural traditions of Kerala. It lasts for ten days. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of the temple.

SaraswathyTemple: It is a beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswathy. She is the Goddess of learning and art. The temple is beautiful in its architecture. The sculptures are immensely beautiful along with the paintings. These portray the mythological richness of India. Hence the tourists are delighted by the cultural richness of the temple. The annual ceremony known as Vidhyarambham is observed in the temple and is a great event of attraction.

In short, Kottayam tourism has facilitated the tourists in fulfilling their search for places of natural beauty.
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