The Self-Fulfilling Female Feedback Love Loop

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There are many great paradoxes in life that have puzzled heavy thinkers for centuries.
For example, when you want something really bad, and are so desperate that you'll do anything to get it, it suddenly becomes scarcer than water in the Sahara.
On the other hand, when you don't really care if you've got it or not, it falls from the like rain.
Consider money.
Those have got it don't have to do much to get more of it.
Those that don't, can't make ends meet to save their lives.
Girls are the same way.
If you've ever been in a emotionally and satisfying relationship, you know that this is the PERFECT time to be out flirting.
Your confidence is high, you don't really care if she flirts back or not, which makes you INCREDIBLY attractive.
You can even roll out of bed without taking a shower or even wearing clean clothes, and walk down the street and get mad attention.
It's like there's some magic "aura" that is sent out to all the women of the world while you're in a good relationship, that makes you attractive like a magnet.
Some kind of mysterious "female social proof" that goes beyond words, clothes, or even money.
On the other hand, if you haven't been laid in a while, it seems that everybody knows it.
You matter how you dress, walk, talk, or how expensive your shoes are, they can somehow "sniff out" the fact that you're hornier than a toad, which of course, sends out some kind of repulsion vibes.
The good news is that it's pretty easy to "switch" from one mindset to another when meeting girls.
After all, your mindset (both conscious and unconscious) creates your outward expressions, body language and movements that SHE picks up on, on an unconscious basis, that AUTOMATICALLY creates either attraction or repulsion.
Since it's all in your mind, you can easily shift it.
The trick is to convince yourself, on a deep level, that there is a TON of women out there, and no matter what happens, you'll be getting some eventually.
Which will make you a lot less desperate, needy, and always subconsciously screaming for validation.
You'll be much more confident, self assured, and your state will in now way be dependent on how she responds to you.
And when you kind of give off a vibe that you're really not concerned with whether or not she "likes you" this will create the paradox of attraction.
Like I said, if you're hitting in right and left, this mindset is easy to maintain.
But if you've been on your own for a while, you may need a little help.
The good news is that this is pretty easy.
With the right consistent mental practice, you can quickly turn yourself into a snowball rolling juggernaut of seduction success.
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