How to Give an Orgasm With Your Fingers

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When you use your fingers to stimulate a woman's vagina it can turn into pure bliss.
This, of course, is given if you use the right techniques.
While the below techniques are quite handy, it is up to you and your partner to find out just exactly what they like.
These tips below are a great way on how to give an orgasm.
Before you try any of these, remember that she needs to be turned on and in the right mood before you start doing anything to her vagina.
You can't just throw her on the bed and shove your fingers inside.
You have got to get her in the mood for sex and seduce her which is a completely different topic.
So without further adieu, here are some techniques: The fastest finger Does your woman like to have sex really slow or does she like to be on top of you and pounce on you like a tiger? If she is into fast past sex then using middle finger to go in and out of her vagina at a very fast rate may be really helpful in terms of giving her an orgasm.
For this technique you should be on your knees and in front of her vagina.
When you are in this position it helps the aid of keeping your hand straight and making sure that your fingers are going in and out all they can.
Once you are in her vagina, try moving your finger as fast as possible in and out of her, but be careful to not get distracted by her screaming orgasm.
The rubber As most of you know, the clitoris or clit as it is commonly called is the number one place to stimulate for most women.
It is the head of the penis except much, much more sensitive.
For this technique you will need some type of lubrication.
Weather it is her juice or some water-based lube, it doesn't matter as long as she is properly lubed up.
After she is all lubed, use the tips of your fingers to carefully rub her clit in a soft, circular like motion.
You will instantly be notified what she likes and what she doesn't like.
If she likes it, gradually increase speed, but don't go so fast that you start to lose focus.
The helping hand This technique is a combination of the two mentioned above.
Some girls like it when you stimulate her vagina as well as her clit at the same time.
While you are moving your fingers in and out of her vagina at a fast rate try using your other hand to rub her clit in a soft, circular motion like The Rubber technique.
When you give her multiple stimulation, this, in return will dramatically increase her chance for reaching orgasm.
Keep in mind that you should not go as fast as you can.
The key is that you keep a steady rhythm.
She will tell you what she likes.
I hope you all liked these three simple techniques that described how to give an orgasm with your fingers.
Don't be afraid to try these next time you and your partner are feeling a little horny in the bedroom.
Most of the time, sex doesn't stimulate the clit and in this case it does.
This will bring a whole new experience for you and a really pleasing ending for her.
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