Contemporary Rug For the Older Style Decor

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Don't you think your old furniture pieces and accessories can make it smart in your modern home? So many of us would not let go of those furniture and decor for sentimental reasons, and perhaps because they are among those we have inherited.
And putting them together just like that does not seem to work at all.
Hold it! With trends moving as fast as we could imagine, what we can do is to mix the old ones with the new ones! Since much of us can't let go of the old school or those we know as classic or those timeless pieces, let us just combine it with the new ones that we have today.
To give our old decor a boost, why not highlight it by using a contemporary area rug on our floor? We can apply this to our living room, dining room, family room and even to our bedroom! Having the rug will not only create a focal point, it will also enhance ambiance, mood and attitude.
It also serves practical functions like floor protection on areas with high traffic, or give added warmth for cold flooring.
There are a lot of rugs out there - in different colors, shapes, size and patterns! Whenever you use modern-day rug with classic (or older) decor, you need to determine which color, shape, size and design (or pattern) will work best.
If you wanted to cheer up a room filled with dark wood furniture, you need to add a light colored rug to the floor.
Don't forget that the rug shape makes an interesting element! An odd-shaped rug will even make the room less boring or predictable, and the lively-colored pattern does make a difference.
However, if you would like to keep hold of a dark feel of the room, then work it out with rugs with shady colors.
When the room is painted in tints or in bright colors, you need to keep the rug as minimal as possible.
You can do this by choosing major colors that will unify with the color scheme found on your walls.
You can also play up with black and white.
You think that this color combination is for fashion only? Of course not! Black and white as we know is a modern color but aids you in blending everything in the room, including the older decors.
If you find a room that is small and messy, there is no doubt that you can use a modern rug to add an illusion of space.
Just remember to use them with minute patterns and pick a small size.
A small-sized one will give the impression that the floor area is larger than it actually is! Here is a secret - use striped patterns.
The reason for this is, when you make the stripes parallel at an angle to the shortest room measurement, it produces an optical illusion that makes the room appear larger.
Rugs are not only for floors.
They are very good accent pieces for your undressed walls as art.
Through the use of colors and patterns, your contemporary rug will make old decor come to life! You can take into account that rugs will be able to spruce up a room the quickest way possible.
Use some imagination and try to fuse colors by selecting a color that you do not typically have.
Dressing up a room with old decor with a contemporary rug does not need so much alteration.
Any room can absolutely look great just by considering the contemporary rug's color, size, shape, pattern and function.
You'll just need a dose of planning to get started with your room and redecorate it tastefully!
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