How to Mount a Recessed Can Light

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    • 1). Test to make sure that the circuit you previously installed for your recessed can lighting has no electrical power running through it. Remove the cover plate where you have installed your light switch and use electrical tester touching one prong to the black wire and the other prong to any metal on the switch or any metal on the electrical box.

    • 2). Trace around the template provided with your recessed lighting can onto the ceiling.

    • 3). Cut the mounting hole carefully around the trace line with a keyhole saw and remove the wall board.

    • 4). Pull 12 to 16 inches of previously installed wiring through the mounting hole. Use dual NM cable wire cutter/strippers to strip eight inches of sheath covering the NM cable exposing the black, white and bare copper wires. Strip 1/2 inches of insulation off of the black and white wires.

    • 5). Wire the recessed can light. The recessed can has a junction box connected onto it for wiring the light into the circuit. Remove the cover of the junction box to access the recessed can wiring. The cover is held on by a clamp that is released by depressing the clamp with your thumb. Slide the NM cable through the knockout in the recessed can junction box and connect the wires. Twist an orange wire connector around the black wire from the cable to the black wire from the recessed can, connecting them together. Connect the white wires from the cable and the recessed can together in the same manner. Repeat this to connect the two bare copper wires.

    • 6). Mount the recessed can light into the ceiling. Feed the junction box and the recessed can through the hole in the ceiling until the lip of the can rests against the ceiling. Use a flat head screwdriver to push up the four black mounting clips located inside the can until they click into place, clamping the recessed can into the ceiling.

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