Warning Signs Your Affordable Article Writing Service Sucks

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Does your content service have your best interest in mind?

Generally, it's a good idea to leave the content writing to the experts if you lack ample talent and skill in that department. There are hundreds of thousands of content creators advertising their services on the Internet. However, it's not a perfect world; not all those content writers are reliable.

It's a generally accepted rule that the more expensive a service is, the better its quality. You have all the more reason to be cautious if your content partner is inexpensive yet promised highly acceptable services.

5 Warning Signs of a Bad Affordable Article Writing Service

Find out if you hired a content creator that will help your company grow, or if you've been tricked into thinking their affordable article service can be trusted.

1. They return poor quality

There are writers who accept work at $2-$3 per article. While it's tempting to jump at this unbelievably inexpensive opportunity, you might get what you pay for - very little. This doesn't mean all affordable article services are bad; there are gems out there and you just have to look really hard to find them. However, quality is the most important aspect in content marketing. Do not settle for less.

If their price rates are too cheap to be true, do more research and ask for writing samples before making a decision.

2. They steal content
Plagiarism is the greatest offense a writer can commit. Not only does it harm credibility, it can also completely destroy a brand. For instance, if Google finds out you've been posting duplicate, unoriginal articles your site could get banned from the search engine.

Make sure to use plagiarism checkers.

3. They spin content and churn out sloppy articles

It's easy to spot automatically spun content. If it sounds choppy, awkward and unnatural, it's likely spun. An affordable article creator who claims to be an expert doesn't have to use spinning software because they should be proficient enough to produce original articles.

4. Content quality progressively gets worse
As your partnership with the content service progresses, the writer should be able to have mastered your brand and fine tuned their quality to fit your needs. If the opposite happens - the writing quality drops - then something is wrong.

Just because you've been in this partnership for a long time doesn't mean you can let their output slip by without your evaluation. Continue judging their work quality and don't let your personal relationship with the provider get in the way of your right to top-quality articles.

5. They resell exclusive rights

Exclusive rights can't be sold because you own it. If your articles are republished elsewhere other than your web properties, the writer has violated the agreement of your partnership. Ensure your brand rights are reserved by routinely checking your content online.

6. They don't cooperate with you enough

An excellent yet affordable article writer who avoids communicating with you, doesn't reply to emails promptly and doesn't report is just as bad. The writer should take the time learn about your business. You need someone who will actively cooperate. And how can you monitor their work if they don't report well?

If they avoid talking to you, they're probably hiding detrimental secrets, like spinning and plagiarism.

Now that you know what to watch out for, evaluate your current content partner. If you're confident about the service you chose, good for you!
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