How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting My Hands

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Discontinue play and yelp immediately and loudly as soon as a puppy bites your hands. When puppies play with each other or interact with a mother dog, the other puppies or mother dog will cry out and stop playing if the puppy bites too hard. Mimic this in your own play so the dog can learn the way he would learn from his mother or from the pack.

Spray Bitter Apple on your hands. This spray has an especially unpleasant taste, and your dog will be very displeased if he takes a bite of your hand or puts his mouth on your hand when you have Bitter Apple on. If you know your dog is prone to biting, put some of this on your hands before a play session. Just make sure you wash your hands carefully and keep them away from your own mouth, lest you experience the unpleasant taste yourself.

Correct immediately. If your dog's bites exceed the innocent and playful puppy nibbles, it is essential that you immediately correct your dog so he can understand that you are the pack leader and that biting is not appropriate. Depending on how you are training your dog, you can correct with a sharp tug on the leash, a light pinch along the side of the neck, or by putting your dog into a submissive position on his back with his stomach facing up.

Give your dog plenty of toys to bite. Puppies, especially when teething, need to have something to chew on. Give your puppy squeaky toys, toy bones or soft toys to bite on. If your dog expresses a need to be mouthy, correct him by using the steps above and then give him an appropriate toy to chew on so he can learn the difference between your hand and a chew toy.
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