"Yesterday Is Gone, Tomorrow Has Not Yet Come, We Have Only Today, Let Us Begin" Mother Te

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car·pe di·em Latin.
To seize the day; enjoy the present, as opposed to placing all hope in the future.
Take full advantage of present opportunities, enjoy the present and don't worry about the future, as in "It's a beautiful day, so forget tomorrow's test".
When will we die? How will we die? Many of us have pondered these questions, even going so far as to predict when and how the human race and the entire universe will end.
But no answer is certain.
Most of us probably hope to die painlessly and peacefully at the end of a long life.
But what would be the point of that, if all you had left at the end were regrets; regrets of the opportunities passed by, of opportunities wasted because of drugs or alcohol, regrets of the 'what if-s' and 'maybe later-s' that never eventuated? Seize every opportunity in life and take it for all its worth because tomorrow may never come.
Live as though you have nothing to lose because we only get one chance to live.
Oscar Wilde once said, "To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all".
Do not aspire to simply survive the trials presented by life, but embrace the challenges and the adventures they pose with gusto.
When life knocks you down, get right back up and challenge life to throw another one at you.
Live to conquer, live to achieve all that you can in the short time you have on Earth, shout to the world that you are here, that you are ready to live! Live in the present, for if you are constantly musing over the past, or looking to events in the future, time will leave you for dead - literally.
Cherish every moment with passion and zest, find the beauty in every dark corner and do much more than merely exist - love like you have never been broken, laugh like you put hyenas to shame and live in such a way that, when the time comes, you do not face death as a fearful ending, but as yet another great adventure, fulfilled with the knowledge that you have accomplished all that you wanted to on Earth.
Live as though every day is a rare and beautiful gift.
Never ever become so engrossed in mundane affairs or foolish activities that you cease to live.
What satisfaction is derived from a life comprised solely of work? Who rejoices because they have achieved the highest mark or the highest pay at the expense of friendship, love and life? How do you live when you destroy your body by taking drugs or binge drinking? Why poison yourself when you gain nothing but illness, possibly death or even a criminal record? Who cares about the latest "OMG" hairstyle/fashion or what everyone else is doing, forge your own path and create your own identity.
No, no longer should you dilly-dally, settle for second best, do it later or wait for next time.
Seize your opportunities now! Don't let anything slip through your fingers to disappear into that locked chest labelled "One Day" or that sealed draw "Maybe Later".
Make sure that at the end of your life you end up with the right regret - the regret that the adventure is over.
Never mind what others think, they will be the ones who end up with the wrong regrets in the end.
Be yourself, be spontaneous, colourful, flamboyant and optimistic; welcome the world and all it has to offer with open arms.
Carpe Diem - seize the day! Live today and live it to the full, just in case there's no tomorrow.
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